Well, it’s Christmas Eve, and I’m looking forward to a few days of unashamed laziness, booze and unhealthy food. Though I might sneak in a run, because it at least makes me feel like I earned those crisps.

Before the indulgence begins its time to take stock of where I am now, and how I did with those winter fitness goals.

The goals I set myself were….

  • Run at least 75 miles
  • Complete at least 45 minutes cross training a week, whether that’s a DVD, time on the Wii fit or gym time on something other than the treadmill.
  • Be able to do at least 10 press ups by Christmas Eve (yes, I am that weedy ok. I can currently manage 6, ish)

I tried to be realistic, but still challenging, but as ever life got in the way. Here’s how I did:

Miles Run since 12th November 50.17 miles

I missed my goal by quite a long way! A bad cold that lasted a week was my first stumbling block, then I underestimated how difficult it would be to find places to run in the dark when travelling somewhere unfamiliar. A lot of the parks that I ran in over the Summer are closed or unlit at night and I really struggled during the week to find places and times to run. A lesson learned for the future, but I’ve kept myself ticking over at least! Look at Decembers pathetic attempt with 2 full weeks where I only ran once at the weekend!


Cross Training

I missed this session maybe twice since the 12th November, which isn’t bad. Once because of the aforementioned rotten cold, and once because I was horribly hungover after accidentally drinking all the wine and only managed 20 minutes before I decided to call it off as a bad job and retire to my bed to swoon like a Victorian Maiden.

Not a rip roaring success, but not a huge failure either!

Press Ups

As of this morning I can do 10 press ups in a row without stopping. I wouldn’t claim my form doesn’t need some work, I definitely dip my upper body on the last 3, but hell, a couple of months ago I could only manage 2, so I’m letting myself have this one! They’re my goals and I get to decide whether I hit them or not!

Finally, before we go into the Christmas indulgence, it’s time to take stock of my statistics and see how much damage a bit of Christmas indulgence does…..

Weight 11 stone 5 lb

Waist 29.25″

Hell yes, I’ve actually lost 1lb and a little off my waist since the start of December. Not a huge amount, but I wasn’t attempting to diet this month, just maintain, so woo bloomin’ hoo.

I’m not stressing about Christmas weight gain. I’m planning to take part in Janathon, so hopefully that should help me knock off a few of those mince pies and snowballs post Christmas! I’ve also been sent a gorgeous package from Urban Fruit, so at least I have something better than chocolate to snack on!

urban fruit

I’ll see you on the other side to assess the damage!

Have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope Santa brings you everything you wanted.