It’s already getting hard to squish these in!

I am visiting family at the moment as my Nana is in hospital, so today I knew I would have to fit my run in around 2 visits to the hospital, a visit to my sister, a visit to my other Nanny, and fitting a full days work into 3 hours in the afternoon as I’m self employed and stuff still needs doing.

The only time it was happening was at 9:30 this morning, when I had to fit in a quick run and a shower before leaving the house at 10:30.


This meant a quick jaunt around the block again, and I’d only had a bowl of porridge for breakfast 15 minutes earlier, so I felt a little heavy when I set out. Then I couldn’t quite work out why I felt so tired, till I looked down at my Nike+ and realised my average pace for the run was 9 minutes 5 seconds. Which is stupidly fast for me. I certainly couldn’t have kept it up for further than a mile and a half!

Gemma Stats

It was so squished in that it was kind of a non run. It’s barely registered on my conciousness that I actually went out and I’m certainly not feeling any destressing or relazing benefits from it like I normally do from a run. But it’s done, and Janathon has not been derailed.


Now I’m trying to fit that full days work into the next few hours before having a hearty veg filled beef and ale stew for dinner.