I’m trying to pretend I’m learning some valuable lessons here, and maybe I am, but really it just feels like I’m running a mile every day, really quickly, rather than a longer slower run 3 times a week. Is this a good thing? I am certainly overcoming objections, and maybe going out for a short run when short of time is better than not going at all?

Anyway, today I forgot to take photos outside, so these are back inside. Don’t worry, they haven’t carpeted the streets yet.


Tonights run was about an hour later than planned as my devastatingly handsome running partner got stuck at work. The run had to be squeezed, along with a shower and a trip to Tesco, into a space of about an hour. Hence…..


It was actually slightly over a mile on the clock today, but under 1.1, so it doesn’t show on the web version. But look at the speed! That’s quick for me, maybe the mile is my distance. Maybe if I didn’t try and run 6, or even 3, of them in a row I could get faster and go to the Rio and compete in the “overweight ladies 1000 metre plod”

Or maybe not. I’m quite looking forward to going back to regular slightly longer runs. I will probably try and do that 5k I promised myself last weekend this weekend coming, but I don’t want to go any further while I’m running every day. I know full well I WILL hurt myself.

Cue final sweaty picture of me post run.


Last nights dinner, the risotto pot that I was really looking forward to, was a bit of a wash out. A big hotel room cooking fail is not checking the label and finding out when you can’t go anywhere else  that, despite being sat next to a pot noodle on the shelf your risotto pot needs a microwave. I poured boiling water on it anyway and ended up with lukewarm risotto soup for tea.

Tonights rush meant dinner from the limited choice in the hotel, so I ordered “salmon fishcakes” for £10.95, which were mostly potato and swaddled in orange breadcrumbs and came with a far too large portion of frozen potato wedges, which I only ate half of. A selection  of mayonnaises, ketchups and mustards made them palatable, but not really a proper, satisfying meal. Dinner this week has been most disappointing I must say.

I have been hugely enjoying a selection of Pukka Tea though. I’ve bought boxes of vanilla chai, night time and after dinner this week and they’ve all been yummy. So that’s my recommendation of the week.