I can remember years ago bemoaning the lack of funky bedding for King Size beds.

Back in the old days all bedding for “grown ups” came in white, or cream, or fetching florals, or occasionally colours like black for people who fancied themselves a bit sexy. Grown up bedding didn’t come with cool superhero prints like the bedding you had when you were a kid, it didn’t even very often have exciting stripes or stars or patterns.

Then I started seeing the occasional piece of novelty bed wear turn up on quirky sites like Firebox, and slowly things changed until these days you can get novelty bedding for grown ups in the supermarket while you’re buying grown up things like vegetables and bleach. (don’t mix those last 2 together people).

At Christmas I abandoned my tasteful white bed linen and invested in some of the George at Asda Christmas Pin Up bedding.


It was great quality for the price, staying crisp and comfortable, so when I saw their latest pin up offerings included nautical sailor girls I desperately needed some. Since starting to skate with the Norfolk Brawds I’ve developed even more of a fondness for nautical style pin up stuff

I went into my nearest Asda just after Christmas and it wasn’t yet available, and it sold out really quickly online, so I kept checking in, and when it came back into stock I nabbed one fast, and now my bed is beautiful again!

Pin Up Bedding

Yeah, it’s Summery, but at the moment I’m in dire need of bringing a bit of Summer back into my life and once you’re snuggled under it reading a book it’s just as cosy as plain white and looks way cooler!

nautical bedding

At only £14 for the King Size George has become my new go to location for novelty bedding. You can buy the Pin Up bedding here, but here’s a few more that are on my wish list!

Just hover and click on the captions to see them closer up.  There’s mini hares (Easter?) tiny horses and oriental parasols, and no, I don’t know what an Aztec Racoon is, but it’s kind of cool somehow.