Well, that’s week two over! It’s been touch and go at times, but I’ve done at least a mile a day, which is what I promised myself.

Miles Run: 21.5 miles

Average Pace:9’24″/mi

Excuses Overcome: 14

Today was a bit tough. I love snow. I really do, at least when it’s freshly fallen and crisp, before it turns to sheet ice or slush. Secretly today I was looking forward to the idea that I could go for a run in a winter wonderland of frosted trees and deserted streets. Instead I left my hometown before the snow even started there, and arrived at a place that just that morning had been a winter wonderland, but was now slippy pavements, freezing rain and stiff, icy breezes.

I shot out before I had time to think about it, and once I got going the cold wasn’t really too bad, though this is the first time I’ve had to run in a long sleeved thermal top AND a jacket.


The pavement was a bit slippy in places, so I had to watch my footing a bit and didn’t really go as fast as I perhaps could, so I was pleasantly surprised to see my pace at the end. Though this is an almost completely flat route, so not as hard as it could be.

Gemma Stats

The photos are slightly blurry as I’m not stupid enough to hang around outside in this weather any longer than I have to. Brrrr.

Maybe there’ll be more snow overnight and I’ll get my winter wonderland run. Though actually I suspect if there is the pavements will now ice up and it will be awful, so I hope it stays away in case I break an ankle.


Dinner tonight was at a nearby pub, I opted for a 6oz steak with mushrooms, peas and chips. Probably not the best choice on the menu, but not the worst either, especially since lunch was a positively angelic Covent Garden Winter Broth soup (96 Calories) and a small wholemeal roll. I’d have swapped out the chips for a potato, but it was the kind of place where the staff get all confused if you ask them to change things, besides it’s important to keep your strength up in the cold, woman cannot live on salad alone.