Now, I don’t mean to be difficult, but this weather is getting a little tiresome.

I am aware I live in England. Generally I quite like it. Although we don’t get blazing sunshine much, we also don’t get hurricanes or snow that comes over your knees very often either. I’m also aware that snow at Easter isn’t unknown. It snowed in 2008, and I remember it snowing once when I was little.

What I would like to complain about in the strongest terms is the almost constant precipitation of some form or another we seem to have been suffering since about this time last year. Apart from a couple of weeks over the Olympics it’s been really quite horrible and I’d like it to stop. I took this photo 52 weeks ago, not much chance of it now.


Ok, now we’ve got that out of the way.

My weekend is mostly going to consist of DIY, running the Trowse 10k on Sunday morning, and then a full day of concerted laziness, roast lamb, dippy eggs, the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race and Doctor Who.

I haven’t yet purchased any Easter Eggs, but if someone is looking for a special gift for me, then how beautiful are these Fortnum & Mason decorated eggs? By far the most beautiful Easter Eggs I’ve seen!

Dark Chocolate Egg (pink)£37.50 Milk Chocolate Egg (Yellow) £37.50 White Chocolate Egg (orange) £37.50 Large Milk Chocolate Egg (purple) £60 3 mini eggs £45