I’ve been pinning for a little while now.

I wouldn’t call myself a hugely obsessed pinner. I’m more a dabbler really.

Just in case you don’t already pin, I’ll explain it. Pinterest is a sort of virtual pinboard. See something you like on the web, hit the “pin it” button in your browser, and you can save it to a board so you won’t lose it, bit like visual bookmarks. You can also browse others pins and find inspiration that you can then repin to your own board, geddit?

For instance, I pin my outfits, it’s a bit like a virtual scrapbook. Sometimes when I can’t decide what to wear I actually look back at my own outfit board like it’s my wardrobe. Way easier than throwing clothes all over the floor.


I also have a nicely random “things I like” board, where I pin, well, things I like! As well as any number of other boards where I pin for projects, outfits I like that other people have worn, vintage style swimwear and all sorts of other things.


The reason for todays post is that I am participating in #PinItForwardUK , Pinterest have launched a more UK centric version of the site, so if you’re UK based you’ll still use the same site, but behind the scenes will be making sure pins you see have more relevance. If you’re not already on Pinterest then you can sign up and follow me here.

As part of the Pin It Forward campaign I would like to introduce you to the super stylish What Olivia Did who pins as What Olivia Did and is a way more dedicated pinner than me!

to find out more about Pin It Forward UK just click this button…