So you can’t have missed that wearing your pants on the outside is a big trend for Spring Summer?

I’ll be honest, my first thought when I read “underwear as outerwear” is along the lines of  “*snort* whatever, bring me a nice chunky jumper and some opaque tights, please”.

However, the more I look at it the more I realise that this time round the “underwear as outerwear” incarnation doesn’t have to mean flashing your wonderbra with your tits pushed up to your chin. In fact, this is a look that can be subtly sexy. Lets face it, underwear styles from the 40s and 50s were hardly skimpy, so using these silhouettes means you can give a hint of retro boudoir, without being over exposed.

Bottega Veneta, S/S 10, Dolce & Gabbana A/W 10, Marc Jacobs S/S 10

I have some very nice retro french knickers that I’m wondering if I can work with black opaques, but if you’re in the mood for flashing your pants, here’s some handy tips for Work, Rest and Play.


Only you know how far you can push it in your workplace. If that’s “not very far at all” then you could just add a touch of the boudoir in the form of some jewellery, like a subtle ribbon choker or these Tarina Tarantino earrings.

If it’s a “a little bit” then try wearing a coloured lace camisole UNDER a white shirt (just make sure it looks like you meant it!) or a lace obi belt.

If it’s “pretty far actually” then go the whole hog and sling on a bustier over your shirt.

<div><a href=”//;.mid=embed&amp;id=17808979″><img width=”400″ alt=”Underwear as Outerwear – Work” src=”//” title=”Underwear as Outerwear – Work” height=”400″ border=”0″ /></a><br/><small><a href=”//;.mid=embed&amp;id=17808979″>Underwear as Outerwear – Work</a> by <a href=”//;.mid=embed&amp;id=214864″>Retrochick</a> featuring <a href=”//;category_id=11″>Planet tops</a></small></div>


Underwear as outerwear is probably not a look you’re going to sling on to go to Tesco, or maybe it is, if you’re in Cardiff.
For your downtime I would say underwear as outerwear means comfortable lounge wear you wouldn’t be ashamed to answer the door in, or rush outside if there was a fire. Hell, actually you COULD go to the shops in it. I’ve certainly seen worse. Think wide leg silk trousers teamed with a lace trimmed camisole, a slinky chemise worn with fine knit cardigan, or, as I’ve done here, a playsuit teamed with a delicate wrap and an elegant turban.


Playtime. Where so many looks come right into their own. If you’ve got a figure to die for then by all means go out in retro high waisted knickers and a bullet bra under a tuxedo jacket, you’ll look stunning. If you’re feeling brave then show off your stocking tops under a mini dress or wear a sheer bustier under a suit.
If you just want to add a touch of the boudoir to your outfit, then wearing something like this lace waspie over a classic shift looks stunning and elegant, and very flattering. I love the contrasting seams on these stockings, that tie in with the shade of the dress and accessorising with heavy eyes, pearls and this Lulu Guinness lips clutch gives the look a real seductress feel, without revealing, well, hardly anything actually.