Normally a member of the “ignore it and it’ll go away” school of injury management, it’s amazing how scared properly hurting my leg has made me.

Yesterday my legs were very stiff following Roller Derby, I got all dressed to go for a run yesterday evening (less than 24 hours ago, so ner), and then got scared that I would hurt myself again and decided to do some yoga instead, and a few press ups (I got up to 10 at Christmas, I’m still only on 4 now!), oh, and a 60 second plank.

I’m a wuss, I know, but I really am scared of damaging it again.

Today I opted for swimming as I was in the hotel with the pool again.


I did 30 minutes without thinking about the piranhas in the drains hardly at all with the pool all to myself. I had a headache, maybe caused by too much beer, I couldn’t possibly say, and the water was very nice and cooling on my head.

I am planning on a run tomorrow, as long as I don’t feel the fear again. I really must pull myself together!