Follow me……


Does that actually make sense to anyone but me?

“Follow Me” “Ok!” was an exchange in a ye olde Playstation console game, in the days before Playstations had numbers attached to them, called Abe’s Odyssey. Anyone else? No?

abes odysseyAnyway, back to the point.

I am currently one of 30 bloggers in the UK, who have been asked to beta test a brand spanking new social media app called Dayre. I’ve been using it and playing with it for a couple of days already, and it looks like a sort of digital diary. Like back in the old skool days of blogging, but with a hi tech fancy pants smart phone twist. Basically you can do all the things you can do in other places, add photos with filters, short snippets of text, video, quotes and icons or stickers, but what Dayre does differently is collect them into a daily diary entry rather than each post being a unique and separate entity.

I think it looks like the sort of thing that will be really nice in the future. Social media is so disposable, we feel like it’s here today and gone tomorrow, but sometimes it’s lovely to look back and see what you were doing a year ago today, or 2 years ago. This app will let you do that as it’s organised into days. It’s like the digital version of a diary stuffed with clippings of theatre tickets or notes and I think it’s rather lovely. It also means you don’t have to spend all day checking it every 5 minutes as the daily entries of people you follow are collated into one days entry.

dayre profile


My plan is to do daily outfit posts, plus use it to document anything I do that’s more exciting than watching Poirot from under a blanket, or occasionally I might just document watching Poirot from under a blanket.

However, I can’t really test any Social Meeja properly without someone to follow and some followers to follow me back, and that’s where I need yoooouuuu!

I know we’re all Social Mediaed out these days, but I remember thinking Instagram would never take off, so that just shows what I know! If you have an Android or iPhone then the app is completely free on iTunes or Google Play.  So download it, sign up (which was really easy, they don’t ask masses of detail) and search for retrochick under blogs, or find the Dayre Retrochick profile and follow me, and I’ll follow you back, and we can see how this thing goes!

Also, and not to get all mercenary here, there is a prize for the member of the program with the most followers after testing ends, so lets not make me look bad people, I am lining up an ace Christmas Giveaway for you all after all 😀

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post and I am being paid for my participation in the beta testing program. This in no way affects my opinion of the product, as the whole point is I will be being asked to feedback on ease of use and what I think of the app!