The best thing about winter is coats.

When the chill really kicked in I was so pleased to be able to get last years beautiful and glamorous Heyday! Fifth Avenue coat out again.

On Saturday morning we needed to pop to the Supermarket for supplies, and seeing as our route to the supermarket goes near a nice picturesque piece of woodland, I thought I’d get some photos of my wintery get up on the way.


 ♥ Hat c/o Helen Moore ♥ Coat – Heyday!* ♥ Tights – Tights Please* ♥ Shoes – Office ♥

The Heyday! coats are out of stock at the moment, but apparently more are expected, and in more colours, at the beginning of December.

The other good thing about winter is Hats, I’m a big beret fan, but this amazing faux fur hat was sent to me by Helen Moore. It’s the Ermine Occasion Hat and it’s excellent for making you feel ultra glam, ultra warm and a bit like a Russian spy in a Bond movie!

IMG_7678back of coat

close up

Of course, there’s a secret reason that I think coats and hats are the best thing about winter. Which is that it doesn’t matter what the hell you wear underneath or what your hair looks like as long as your coat is glamorous. Underneath this glamorous winter look is an unironed skirt, a faded 5 year old jersey top, unwashed hair with half brushed out back combing, and even *gasp* a ladder in my tights.

*Shhh* don’t tell anyone it’s all an illusion. I was only going to the supermarket.

This last photo is included because I am amused by the fact I look like a person lost in the woods looking fearfully around. If someone told me to act that I would fail totally, but looking over my shoulder at people walking their dogs appears to have created the look perfectly.

heyday coat

The other thing about winter I like is that I’ve rediscovered my love for red lipstick. Over the summer, with a bit of a tan, sometimes it seems too much and I opt more often for pinks. Come the return of my winter ghost white skin and all of a sudden reds return to my heart again. This is the Besame Cherry Red, one of the darker shades I wear.

Saturday was a low key day, and the reason for that was that Sunday was the day I’ve been dreading and looking forward to. The Norwich Half Marathon.

I told you about it back in August as I was raising money for Parkinson’s UK, as my Nana had Parkinson’s Disease. I finished in 2 hours 18 minutes and 56 seconds, and today I can barely walk up and down stairs! It was really hard, but I’m so proud I did it, and have raised over £600 for Parkinson’s UK so far. You can still donate, and I’d love it if you did, I’m only asking for £1! You can donate on my Just Giving page, or by texting RETR51 £1 (OR £5 or £10) to 70070. Thanks is advance my lovely, lovely sugar puffs!

Sorry about the terrifying photo, I had just run 13.1 miles……


How was your weekend?