As a glasses wearer I remember when the choice of reasonably priced glasses frames consisted of oval or round wire frames or thick black rectangular ones, that was pretty much it, no other choices. I’ve worn contact lenses for years, the ones that you sleep in, but for 2 or 3 days a month I felt like a total frump in my glasses if I had to go out wearing them.

Thankfully things have moved on a bit and you can get much nicer frames on the high street if you want something a bit different.

The other day Tesco asked me if I wanted a pair of their cats eye Lipsy 25 frames. Earlier this year I was sent a pair of black cats eye frames, which I love, but they’re quite heavy and I fancied a lighter pair so I said yes.


I went through the full ordering process online with Tesco, you have to have your photo taken so they can measure the distance between your pupils and all sorts, but its pretty easy and self explanatory, and then I had to go into my local Tesco Optician to collect and have them fitted, which was weird as it’s in my local supermarket and I’d never even noticed the huge Opticians at the back of the store (maybe I need new glasses, ahahhahah!)

I love these frames, they’re faaaar more sex kitten than librarian. I feel like Marilyn Monroe in her specs. See, you can barely tell the difference, it’s uncanny.


It’s nice to be able to have a choice for once in my life, between light and cheerful frames on nights out, darker, more serious but still a bit vintage frames for every day, and the old frames I used to wear for days when I don’t want to be vintage at all (I have yet to have one of those, but I always keep my options open!)



If you have a current prescription then you can just order frames online and pick them up next time your at Tesco buying bread, or wine, or whatever you’re most likely to go to Tesco for. I was probably buying wine, sandwiches and dishwasher tablets if you go by the clubcard vouchers I get through the post. If you don’t have a current prescription then you can book an appointment online for an eye test and get it all sorted out in store, then buy your wine and dishwasher tablets.

The Lipsy cats eye frames come in a powder blue as well. I think I’m pretty much sorted for glasses now. Though my contact lens package does come with free frames, so maybe I’ll build up a whole specs wardrobe so I don’t ever have to be annoyed about having to wear them again!