Oooh look, another video tutorial!

I’ve been asked for this one loads, but it’s a hair do I make up as I go along, and I only do it for about 2 weeks every 3 months, at the point where my hair is too long and I really need a hair cut. Which has all meant I’ve been putting off making a tutorial for it.

Honestly, it comes out a bit different every time I do it! All it takes is a slight change in the position or size of the rolls or doing something different with the fringe and you get a slightly different look.


Yesterday, I impulsively decided to film a tutorial. I was short on time, so it’s a little scrappier than I’d like, sorry for being right at the edge of the screen, I guess I was peering round into the mirror! The lights weren’t working properly in the room, my hair spray nozzle was clogged and I snagged one of my rolls while doing the back of my hair, but hey, I hope you get the idea!

This is the longest video I’ve ever done, at nearly 8 minutes, even with speeded up bits! I always try and keep videos short, so I did this as quickly as possible which means the finished ‘do’ is a little messy. If you have more time you can use pomade and be more precise with your sections for a neater finish.

Unedited the video was 9 1/2 minutes, including talking, just to give you an idea how quick I can do this style! The key is mastering the pin curl rolls, rolling around your thumb, sliding out and turning them in without letting the ends ping out. If you really struggle try tonging the section of hair first.

Other tips:

Dirty hair is way easier to manage, don’t wash it for at least 24 hours, longer if possible!

If your hair is all silky and floppy then dry shampoo, texturising powder, pomade, back combing and spritzing each strand with hair spray before rolling helps to keep it under control.

If you mess a bit up, cover it up with flowers!

Anyway, on with the show, as it were!