Do you ever get really bored of of how you look?

I do. So yesterday I abandoned my normal decades of preference and sent a raiding party into the early 60s to steal some of their style.

I tend to favour a 30s or 40s inspiration with the occasional stumble into the early 50s, and I like it. After many years on this planet I now know what suits me. But, you know, sometimes a girls just gotta ring the changes.

I mean, we’re not talking major facial piercings or tattoos here, we’re not even talking a change of hair colour. Just some bright pink lippy (this one from illamasqua) and a bit of a beehive!

It’s a bit Peggy from Mad Men, with my curls flicked out at the end and a bit of backcombing at the root. In the pictures the beehive bit doesn’t look very big, but it’s far more obvious in real life (I also look a bit gormless, but it’s difficult taking photos of yourself in sunlight without squinting!)

I wish I’d worn my pearls now, but I got up very early (for me) and the most I could manage was yet another Abilu Creations hair flower.

I do feel a bit like I’ve been seriously lacking inspiration generally recently and some major lifestyle changes are in order. It’s nice to take inspiration from somewhere slightly different sometimes to keep yourself interested, step outside your niche and take a look at the big wide world. Hell, I might even buy a fashion magazine if I think I can trust myself not to feel fat and ugly by page 4!

What do you do when you get bored?