As the year winds to a close I always get the urge to look back on what’s happened over the last 12 months.

It’s not just me either, every December “year in review” apps pop up on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we all enjoy reviewing our year, what’s gone well, what hasn’t, and setting goals for the new one.

I have a little yearly highlights post on it’s way, but in the mean time I thought it would be interesting to take a peek at the blog posts that have been most popular on Retro Chick over 2o13. Just in case you missed any!

roller skatingAt Number 10 is a surprising recent post.

Roller Skating, retro style appears to have been popular. Possibly for the sight of me skating round the street in leopard print shorts and scaring the hell out of my neighbours.

9 Sunshine

Number 9 is an outfit post from June that I called Sunshine and Showers.

Was it the umbrella or the wedges that people loved?

8 Not Vintage

At Number 8 is a reflection on personal style.

That’s not very Vintage is my ramblings on the assumptions people make about what you like and wear if they think you are “vintage”

7 happyAt Number 7 is another reflective post. Or “sappy” post as I may have heard it called!

What Makes You Happy is just a list of the things that made me happy back in April, and a chance for people to share what makes them happy in the comments.

6 superheroNumber 6 on the most popular posts list was this outfit post. Which is also one of my favourite outfits from the year, without  doubt.

Retro Chick and the Superhero Dress kick started my small collection of comic book prints.

5 Tesco OpticianAt Number 5 is vintage style specs for sex kittens.

A new addition to my glasses wardrobe and an attempt to convince you all I look the spit of Marilyn Monroe. It’s uncanny.

4 London RetroNumber 4 most popular post, according to my plug in, was more glasses!

The first pair of glasses had me channeling my inner 50s librarian, rather than my inner Marilyn. They’re my serious glasses!

3 good old daysNumber 3 most popular post was a little more ranty.

Why I’m tired of the Good Old Days is about the weirdness of a faux nostalgia for a time most people can’t even remember.

2 teenageAll the way up at Number 2 is the fulfillment of one of my Teenage Dreams.

Yes, that’s right, I finally own a pair of purple 8 hole Dr Marten boots.

1 too oldAnd at Number 1? I ask the question, am I Too Old?

Too old for white tights, Roller Derby and generally behaving however I please? General consensus was no!

I hope you all have a Cracking New Year!