Are you all back at work today?

I recommend slipping a bit of tia maria into your coffee to make it fly by a bit quicker! Hic! After last years low key Christmas outfit, I ramped it up a bit this year, thanks to a fabulous Christmas present from Shona at Heyday! who sent me over a festive Fleur.


♥ Dress – Heyday! Fleur ♥ Hair Flower – Betsy Hatter ♥ Shoes – Red or Dead ♥


I started the day with my Betsy Hatter Poinsettia Hair Flower in my hair, but among my Christmas presents I found a little lurking parcel of Janine Basil goodies from Mummy & Daddy Chick, so I finished the day with sparkly green bones in my hair, because nothing says festive like sparkly green bones. (P.S. that was actually a flat roll on my head, but it got a little over excited with the stresses of cooking Christmas Dinner)


Other than Janine Basil my gifts were largely a selection of Roller Derby goodies, Babycham goodies, food and booze, so all in all a great sign that my friends and family know me really well.

I shall leave you to deal with the trauma of a a few days back at work with a little selection of festive photos. Do tell me what you got for Christmas and what you did this year. I love hearing about it!

While you’re here, don’t forget that you can still open all the doors on the advent calendar up to New Years Eve! The prizes are amazing, everything from shopping vouchers to an android tablet and much more in between!