Happy 2014!

I woke up yesterday morning with the rottenest cold in the world. I had not inexpensive tickets to the New Years Eve Bo Nanafana, which is always a fabulous night out, so I was determined to drug myself into oblivion and make it out anyway.

I dragged myself coughing, spluttering and with my best “pity me” face on into the City centre as I had a hairdressers appointment. I popped into the shops to stock up on the entire Sudafed range, dosed myself up, and by 6pm I felt human enough to start on the Champagne while I tarted myself up.

Bo Nanafana isn’t Bo Nanafana without a theme, and this time it was The Twilight Zone. In the absence of more imaginative costume ideas I opted for vaguely 60s inspired, slightly surreal outfit, with a big bouffant 60s blow dry courtesy of Penthouse Hair Studio in Norwich, who must have received vibes through the ether and heard my hair woes (I haven’t had it cut since July as I’ve been too skint!) and invited me in for a free cut and blow dry as they’d just opened.

new years eve outfit

♥ Dress – F+F at Tesco* ♥ Tights – Rock Collection ♥ Shoes – Stylist Pick* ♥
♥ Hair Band – Janine Basil ♥ Necklace – Tatty Devine ♥ Belt – eBay ♥

The hair band is another from Janine Basil and was part of my Christmas present from my Mum & Dad. Honestly I was quite impressed that the dress still zipped up after Christmas, I wasn’t exactly a glutton, well, not most days, but I do love good food, and Christmas is definitely a time for good food!

I even managed to make the effort through my cold addled brain to put false eyelashes on, only I forgot to take glue out with me, so they obviously immediately started to peel off and I spent the rest of the night with them flapping around. At least it was dark and not really noticeable!


stripe dress

So, as I was wearing this dress over midnight it makes it both the final frock of 2013 and the first frock of 2014, what an honour for a humble supermarket frock!

So 2014 has started rather pleasantly, sat by the fire while the rain and wind blow outside. I have no idea what the rest of 2014 will hold. I stopped trying to guess where my life would take me some time ago! I have goals, but the best thing you can do is be adaptable, go with the flow, and hope the flow goes somewhere nice.

So just as a nice little round up I did this last year and it was fun, so I’ve decided to repeat one last little round up, 2013 in frocks.


How was your New Years Eve?