By Lady Lipstick

It’s been a bit quiet around here in July and August, apart from a few reviews and things, and for that I apologise.

Back at the beginning of July I sprained my ankle at my second Roller Derby scrim, and it’s been a long and stressful road to something that looks almost like Recovery. I wasn’t able to run or go to practice for most of July and August, and, well, I didn’t really feel like writing about exercise and fitness, or even my feeble attempts at staying fit off my feet.

But now I find myself back at scrim practice with an Aircast A60 ankle brace, and 2 weeks out from my first public Roller Derby bout. I’m both weirdly calm and terrified about it. At first my concern with the ankle sprain was that I wouldn’t be back on skates in time for it. Now it’s that with only 3 weeks back on contact before the bout I won’t be anywhere near as prepared as I hoped.


So, here’s a list of the things I have been obsessing about for the last few weeks. Because out of my head and onto the screen has to help, right?

Team logos copyright Tekura Maeva. I’m a Sailor Jerry!

  • The width of the track
    We train on a 90% track due to venue restrictions. The game will be my first time on a full size Roller Derby track. This is scary.
  • The raised edges
    A proper Roller Derby track has a raised border made from rope under tape. When we practice we simply mark the track with masking tape. Am I going to trip over the roped edge and make an idiot of myself?
  • Getting a penalty
    Not just getting a penalty, but remembering to skate the right way to the penalty box. I’ve …read more

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