I’m feeling pretty darn moany at the moment.

I’ve had the evil death cold from hell since before New Year, hell, it started in a mild way before Christmas! I had a fabulous time in Las Vegas, but I can’t say 2 transatlantic flights and 2 super hectic days have sped up my recovery, and the week I returned I was almost bed bound for most of it. I’m getting better, slowly, down to the remnants of a cough, sore throat, sinus pain and a super stuffy head in the mornings.

Being ill in January always sucks. You plan to start the year all full of good intentions, ready to get back to work after a Christmas break and motivated to do all sorts of exciting new things, and then *poof* all the motivation, creativity, imagination, energy and other positive words ending in “on” or “y” are sucked out of you by an evil virus.

An evil virus, look at its evil eyes.


I’m aware that a bit of a sore throat doesn’t constitute a major trauma in the grand scheme of things, but it’s terribly difficult to stay motivated when you don’t feel top form. I’m lucky enough to be able to give myself some time to take it a little easier, as I’m self employed (though the downside of that is no sick pay!). If you’re suffering from the dreaded lurgy at the moment, and it does seem to be getting around, then you might like to look at the Lazy Girls Guide to being ill with Style!

Anyway, this wasn’t intended to be a post where I just whinge about being ill for a few hundred words, it was intended to be about one of things I’m doing to try and cheer myself up.

100 Happy Days is a challenge to find something that makes you happy each day, photograph it, and share it. You can do this publicly on instagram, twitter or facebook using the #100happydays hashtag, or you can do it more privately with a different hashtag of your own devising, or by emailing the photos directly to 100 Happy Days.

I do believe that happiness is something you have to work on, I’ve written about things that make me happy before, and just the simple act of actively looking out for those things everyday can make you more aware of just how lucky you are, and how many things there are out there that make you happy, even in a small way.

I’m sharing my 100 Happy Days on Instagram, so if you want to spy on what makes me happy, you can follow me there!

I’m currently 6 days in, and here’s whats made me happy so far…..