Friday last week was the last day of my #100HappyDays Project.

It’s been an interesting one, some days it was easy to find things that made me happy. Other days you really felt like you were reaching a little, but those were the days when it was most useful as an exercise. Obviously happy days are easy, it’s the days that you feel down, or angry, or tired that it’s really a challenge to look for the little things that make you happy. The sun coming through the clouds, just for a moment, getting into bed with a hot chocolate at the end of a horrible day, making plans to do something fun in the future, all little rays of light that can easily get consumed by the fog of a “bad day”.

It’s a useful little challenge, and probably one I’ll repeat in future, as it’s all too easy sometimes to let life overwhelm you and forget those little things that make you happy.

I made a flipagram of all 100 of my 100 Happy Days, which is kinda nice to watch back!

I updated you at 33 Happy Days and 66 Happy Days, so below are the final third of my 100 Happy Days collection, including that cute rabbit!