It’s definitely winter then. Autumn leaves are gone and we’ve got snow flurrys, icy pavements and freezing temperatures. Cotton frocks just aren’t really going to cut it in this weather, even with wooly tights and a cardigan, so if I need to be outside for more than a quick trip from car to door it’s time to pull out the wool and tweed.

❤ Cardigan – M&S via a Charity Shop ❤ Skirt – Vintage ❤ Shoes – New Look ❤

❤ Tights – Primark ❤ Hat – A gift ❤

The skirt is wool tweed, lined and really warm, and the cardigan is lambs wool and also really warm! I wasn’t even nippy having these photos taken, though I did have a coat for later!

I don’t normally wear pleated skirts, as they look awful on me, but this one has just the right amount of stitched down pleating to not make me look like a lampshade. The primark tights are warm, cosy, ribbed grey tights, but a word of warning, the sizing does seem particularly small! Despite claming to fit up to 5’8″ these ones need some serious yanking and stretching to make it up to my waist!

Skirts like this show up all the time in Charity Shops and Vintage Shops, in a variety of colours, patterns and styles and I always snap them up. This one cost me under £5, and the cardigan was £1.50 and I’ve pretty much worn it to death. I think this whole outfit, including shoes, cost well under £40, which is exactly the kind of outfit I like! I spend very little on most of my clothes, so I feel entitled to the occasional splurge on a posh frock!

Speaking of posh frocks, make sure you visit the Advent Calendar today as behind todays door is a gorgeous Olivia dress from Swagger Joint at Pin Up Parade!