Today I am mostly feeling uninspired.

Blogging is a weird old thing. Sometimes it’s exciting parties (or invitations to exciting parties I can’t go to because they’re in London and I am not), glamorous events or parcels of exciting new things arriving through the post. But mostly it’s just you, sitting there at your computer, making stuff up that you hope people might want to read. You go virtual shopping and you hope that people like the same things as you, or you have a bit of a rant about things and hope that other people have the same opinion. I try and post regularly, 3 times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sometimes that’s super easy and sometimes I have to rack my brains a little.

But today, I have nothing to say.

Absolutely nothing. There are people in my life who will scoff with disbelief at this, but it is true. This is me with nothing to say.


So this is a blog post about having nothing to say.

I don’t feel like  fantasy shopping as I have no money right now and it’ll only be depressing, or lead to an ill advised splurge on a credit card that I shouldn’t be spending money on or otherwise I’ll have even less money.

I could post an outfit post, but I just did 2 of those, and today it is grey and rainy and I wore a very dull outfit (that you’ve seen before) to go to the Doctors, got soggy in the rain and now I’m wearing pyjamas (with sausage dogs on, in case you’re interested).


I could write about my very strong opinions on things, and lets face it I have lots of those, but none of them that I feel strongly enough about to write a coherent and interesting article. I could write about good old Dotty P’s TOTAL social media fail earlier this week after they cancelled *some* orders people made with a discount code that was obviously a mistake. Then told everyone it was because the code had “expired”, then spent 2 days not only ignoring everyone asking about it and calling them out on it on Social Media, but also deleting posts from their Facebook wall and posting terse “read the T&C’s” posts. But, well, that’s the whole story, so there’s not really a blog post there.

Then I thought maybe I could write about hats because Ascot’s just started, but it was so cliche, and I couldn’t even be bothered to spend 20 minutes looking at hats.

I could write about an amusing or interesting anecdote from my life perhaps?

Well, on Monday I passed my Roller Derby rules test, even though I had a headache. I came home and I ate peanut butter on toast and went to bed. Yesterday I didn’t leave the house at all, but I did tidy my dressing room a little and discover I have a lot of shoes, like that was really a surprise, and then I got in a state about how to store them all (ideas welcome). I went for a run, then had dinner. And today? Well today I got up and walked 2 miles to the hospital for a Biomechanics appointment.  I walked a weird way, which seemed a good idea at the time. It was hot and humid and I lugged my heavy skates all the way there so the Doctor could look at them, which he did, but really he was just having a nose because he’d not seen Derby skates before. The Doctor gave me orthotic inserts for my shoes (but don’t expect to see the end of the exciting taped feet any time soon) and then I walked home again and tried to think of something to write a blog about.

Not really a lot of “vintage fashion blog” material going on there.


What’s coming up in my future? Well, quite a lot actually, but nothing that you’re really that interested in, unless you’re my Mum (Hi Mum!).

I’m skating in the Norwich Lord Mayor’s parade with the Norfolk Brawds and have just discovered we will be LEADING the parade, no pressure. Then there’s a Brawds Roller Derby Heartland Series bout coming up in July, it’ll be awesome, you should totally come. I’m also spending a lot of my inspirational brain power planning the excitingness that will be Norwich Cocktail Week, which you should also totally come to. I’m going somewhere really exciting at the end of July, but I’ll tell you about that later because it’s “a thing” that I’m doing and needs attention and careful thought, which I am feeling far too uninspired and lazy to give it today.

So, yeah, that’s a blog post about nothing. Because I have nothing related to frocks, shoes or vintage to say.

Normal service will be resumed shortly….