Today started Ok, I was a bit tired, but coffee dealt with that. Then lots of little things kept happening that put me in a grump, and before long everything was putting me in a grump.

I had planned to work through till 5pm, then do my work out, have a bath and a nice relaxing evening, but by 4pm I was so grumpy that even the thought of having to wait to do my workout was making me even more grumpy, so I decided to just do it then and get it out of the way. I didn’t want to do it at all. I wanted to order pizza and drink a shedload of beer and grump at people, but those are my old, bad, ways of dealing with the grumps that only lead to more grumps and clothes that don’t fit.

So instead I did my Week 10 arms session of the Kayla Itsines BBG 1.0 that I’ve been working through. I realised once I started that I think I am actually already on Week 11 and had done this workout before, but never mind, repeating a week won’t hurt, though it might make me grumpy.

It was hard and I hated every second of it, because I have the grumps.


Todays arms session included lay down push ups with a tuck jump at the end, spider push ups, tricep dips and commandos. I am finding the last few weeks of the plan hard to get through for a couple of reasons, 1 is that the last few weeks ask for more equipment (I don’t have the equipment or space in my house to do bench jumps, for instance, especially not split bench jumps) and the second is the reps of all the exercises have gone up and while I can cope with, say, 20 commandos, I find doing 36 not just hard, but also boring. Still, it’s only 4 weeks of the 12 week programme and then it’s done, and it’s working and it’s only 28 minutes which makes it much easier to motivate myself, even when I am deeply grumpy.

So, after finishing my 28 minutes, I was not only grumpy, but also sweaty, though I was at least relieved I no longer had to think about doing my arms workout.


After I had cooled down a bit I also decided to do some yoga. I’ve had super tight shoulders recently, so tight that taking tops off hurts, and doing a ton of press ups doesn’t help. So I spent 20 minutes on this yoga recovery video which contains a lot of shoulder opening. Actually that and a nice hot bath has gone someway towards relieving the grumps as well as my tight shoulders, which I’m sure you’ll all be delighted to know.

It also got me 2 points, so yay for yoga!

Points earned: 3

Grumps averted: 1