After yesterdays exertions (oh yes, in yesterdays tipsy post I failed to mention my new PB of 28.5 laps in 5 minutes at Roller Derby, woo!) I woke up super stiff again, but 20 minutes of Yoga and some time with my spiky massage ball soon had me moving again, and I decided to go out for a proper run.

In a weeks time I am signed up to run the Nike Women’s 10k as part of Team VitaCoCo. Obviously I planned to be much better prepared for the run than I am, but my back kind of put the kibosh on any proper training for the last week, still, I have a good base level of fitness, so as long as all my bits stop crumbling I should make it round no problem, even if it’s not a PB!

Today I went out and did a 5k.


There’s a lovely breeze out today, but once you’re out of the wind it’s kind of muggy and sweaty. I really enjoyed the run, nothing hurt excessively and I’m really looking forward to next weeks 10k now.

It turns out it’s Bengali New Year, and the Indian Restaurant at the top of the hill was preparing for an afternoon of music and belly dancing in a marquee in their car park.

I also saw a squashed frog, and that was the sum total of interesting things I saw while I was out running. I either need to pay more attention or find a more interesting route.

I ran in a reasonable ish for a slow Sunday run 10’12” pace, especially considering my crumbly bits.


When I got home I even did MORE Yoga, a post run session to stop my hips getting stiff again and then I had Ham & Eggs for lunch.

All in all a good morning!

One of the bonuses of running as part of team VitaCoCo is that they sent me a bundle of Coconut Water and Coconut Oil to use as part of my prep. Coconut Water is great to hydrate before and after a run as not only does it contain useful electrolytes like Potassium, it also contains carbohydrates to help refuel. Coconut Oil I like to put in a nice warm post run bath, which is what I did this afternoon.

And now I’m watching Jurassic Park, a pretty good Sunday so far!

Points Earned so far :19

Times I expect to be made jump by Dinosaurs: Many