Well, the curse of Juneathon put me pretty much out of action from day 5 with persistent back pain. I’m wondering if I dare sign up again next year or if on Day 1 I will be hit by a meteor while running a mile around the block.

Still, seeing as I’d started it, and persevered with boring everyone with posts about me doing Yoga for a full 2 weeks before finally giving in, I thought I better finish with a round up.

The last exercise I did was the Nike London 10k about 8 days ago. I reffed at scrim last Thursday and skipped the weekend entirely to give my back a proper chance to rest and recover. Tonight I will be coaching on skates at Roller Derby, but not doing anything too energetic and I’m mostly engaging in gentle stretching and stregthening exercises as I’m determined to return to scrim this Thursday night. I’m hoping to start some gentle running again next week, but I’ll probably leave it a little longer before I add too much in the way of things like jump squats and sit ups or strength training.

Still, I might have managed to injure myself doing something as ridiculous as getting something off of a shelf in Boots but I managed to complete the Nike 10k, I learned about sports massage and I had my first proper weekend off in a long time!

My target was to earn 39 points over the month for my team “Fit for Chips” challenge, that would have given me an overall total of 100 points. In the end I only managed 31, which considering I was out of action isn’t too bad, it’s more than a point of a day. It’s a shame to fall short of my target, but I still feel like it was a pretty good effort!

So, apart from Yoga, what actually were my Juneathon accomplishments?

Miles Run: 16.3

Steps Walked: 200,290 (That’s about 6,676 a day, not bad considering I couldn’t walk for some of the month!)

Points earned: 31

Days spent laying on a Yoga mat on the floor: 12