This costume was just SO much fun to do. I wish I could dress like Beetlejuice every day.

I like costumes that rely heavily on make up because they’re so much easier to pull off without buying special stuff in. The clothes are just a suggestion of a look and the make up is where it all happens.

Which is a good job really because we all know in real life (in real life? You know what I mean) Beetlejuice is a boy, and he wears a striped suit.

I do not have a striped suit, but I do have a striped dress. And some striped tights. And a shedload of make up, lots of which I hang onto specifically because I might need it for fancy dress.

beetlejuice costume

I thought the hardest thing with the Beetlejuice costume would be getting the make up right, but actually it’s pretty easy to do!

I did a white base, then randomly slapped on about 3 different shades of purple eyeshadow around my eyes with a load of black eyeliner. I then used a combination of a neon green hair chalk that I just happen to have lying around and some dark green eyeshadow to create that mouldy look around my (backcombed) hair line and jaw.

I also used a Chanel Rouge Noir lipstick that I bought about 20 years ago and probably shouldn’t be anywhere near my lips as it is *well* outside the use by dates that glossy magazines print occasionally. I never use it I swear (apart from today, when I didn’t lick my lips in case it poisoned me and I died), I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it as I have fond memories of buying it, it was my first posh lipstick.

Beetlejuice make up

Beetlejuice ladies halloween

The other thing I just “happen” to have laying around the house is a pair of green suede platform boots with a diamante skull on the side, obviously. I bought them a couple of years ago from Everything Five Pounds, because, well, for £5 why would I not?

They seemed like the kind of footwear Beetlejuice would wear, and Halloween is really the perfect time for green suede platform boots with a diamante skull. As long as you don’t have to walk very far anyway.

Today I had company in the house while I dressed up as Beetlejuice as Mr Chick is working from home. This meant I was less concerned about someone coming to deliver a parcel as I could just hide in the other room till they went away.

It also meant I could rope him into to take the photos. As he snapped a few pictures for me he looked up with a slightly quizzical look and said, “If this is Halloween in your wardrobe, do you think lots of other people have green suede platform boots and black and white striped dresses and tights in their wardrobe?”. “You might be surprised.” I said. But really I have no idea if anyone in the world but me has this exact combination of weird stuff in their wardrobe, but that’s not the point is it really? The point is just to show how a little imagination can transform the stuff in your wardrobe into a costume without any need to go shopping at all, not to copy this exact costume, though you could, if your wardrobe is as weird as mine.

♦Dress – George @ Asda * ♦ Belt – Vintage ♦
♦Boots – Everything 5 Pounds ♦ Tights – random Goth shop a few years ago ♦