Oh, it’s like the Monday to end all Mondays.

Is there any Monday worse than the very first Monday back at work after almost 2 weeks of total laziness?

Well, hopefully at least 24 of you will have a slightly brighter day if you check your email, because I’ve sent you all messages to let you know if you’re a winner in the Advent Calendar giveaway!

I shall ease myself back into the task of remembering how to write about things that aren’t Christmas by announcing the winners, though I am also in the middle of putting together a round of some nice sale dresses over on All the Dresses! It pretty much takes the whole day emailing and then passing on the details, so I won’t have time for much else.

Day One: A bag of your choice up to £60 from Vendula London.
Winner: Irene Jackson

Day Two: A Pair of Babyliss 3Q Straighteners
Winner: Alica Hopkins

Day Three: Glitter Punk Stag Necklace
Winner: Jodi Hill

Day Four: £50 to spend at Dolly & Dotty
Winner: Angela Webster

Day Five: A Hotel Chocolat Christmas Wreath Box
Winner: Kimberley Ryan

Day Six: £30 to spend on vintage at What’s Your Tale Nightingale
Winner: Emily Clark

Day Seven: A bottle of Tanqueray and a Smythson Notebook
Winner: Vicky Prodrick

Day Eight: Vintage Bargello Embroidered Necklace
Winner: Natalie Crossan

Day Nine: 1940s Grable Tea Dress from House of Foxy
Winner: Pauline Black

Day Ten: A fox cushion from Nellys Treasures
Winner: Jen Joesbury

Day Eleven: PAPERSELF Rose Garden Lashes and Temporary tattoos
Winner: Karen Ries

Day Twelve: Vintage Hair Styling package from Wacky Tuna
Winner: Emily

Day Thirteen: Rabbit & Penguin brooches from PinPinFinds
Winner: Amanda Steel

Day Fourteen: A silk scarf and crystal jewellery set worth £75
Winner: Shannon

Day Fifteen: A Faux Fur Collar from House of Handmade
Winner: Christine Westlake

Day Sixteen: A Piece of Original Art Work from Kaitlin Ferguson
Winner: Richard Taylor

Day Seventeen: £25 to spend at Abilu Creations
Winner: Lucy Chester

Day Eighteen: A selection of hair scarves and flowers from Bad Kitty
Winner: Rachel Stirrat

Day Nineteen: A Vintage Bed Time Set from Wake Up Little Susie
Winner: Carolyn Gibbeson

Day Twenty: £30 to spend at Triumph
Winner: Heather Oliver

Day Twenty One: A Snowflake Hair Piece from Lady Lucks Boutique
Winner: Deborah Scriven

Day Twenty Two: An Instant shape Corset from Corset Story
Winner: Sarah Tilley

Day Twenty Three: A Mini Play Purse
Winner: Emma Youens

Day Twenty Four: £50 to spend at Collectif
Winner: Angie Hoggett