Can you believe it was Valentines Day only a week ago?

Last week I told you that I had plans for Valentines Day that involved trekking through mud, and that’s exactly what I did!

This week has seemed weirdly long, so when I started thinking about what I did this week I was surprised to find out these things were only a week ago!

So, this week I…..

Had a romantic night in the woods

Long term readers may remember that we have a little patch of completely useless and inaccessible woodland that we own. There is a small hut on it, and on Valentines Day for some reason it seemed like a good idea to go and stay in it.

We had a lovely evening drinking Champagne around a rickety old pot boiler that I was convinced was going to kill us both with Carbon Monoxide poisoning (even though we have a Carbon Monoxide alarm there to ward against that very problem). I even managed to cook fillet steak with peppercorn sauce over a one ring camping stove, like some kind of culinary genius.

IMG_4225The tramping through mud part was slightly less fun.

To get to our patch of woodland involves walking across several fields, jumping across a small stream and scrambling up a fairly steep bank. The fields were ankle deep in very squishy mud that tried to pull your wellies off with every step and I was convinced I was going to slip and fall over, or get swept away by falling in the half inch of water in the bottom of the stream. Honestly, you’d have thought I was going into battle. Every part of me just wanted to stand still and wait for someone to come and rescue me, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen, so I pressed on.

Safe to say that at heart I am not a Country Girl. I can make walking across a muddy field into an epic adventure story in which I deserve some kind of medal at the end. It really makes you appreciate tarmac.

Bought some roses


I really do like half price things much more than I like full price things. Who doesn’t?

On our way home from our little camping trip we stopped off at Tesco and found all the red roses were suddenly and mysteriously half price, so we bought some. I was hoping to find loads of other half price Valentines tat, but all they had were some red plastic champagne flutes for 25p. I suspect that everything else is being quietly rebranded for Mothers Day.

Oh yeah, and then we bought a £10 meal deal for dinner, that came with cheesecakes with little hearts on, so we basically got 2 Valentines Days this year, bonus. The £10 meal deal also came with what I thought was rose sparkling wine and turned out to only be 5.5%, how disappointing.


Had some bad days

I realised as I started writing this that I’d had one of those days at the start of February, so I’d have thought that was my quota for a while, right?

This weeks bad days were less lots of little things, more a couple of bigger things going wrong, that were very stressful to sort out and required lots of concentration. So I spent a large chunk of the middle of this week feeling fuzzy headed and grumpy.

Humph. You know what helped me get over it? Going to the pub on Friday night to drink wine, then drinking lots more wine at home. Because wine fixes everything.

Got a surprise delivery

One of the nice things about blogging is sometimes people send you fun things. This weeks fun thing came courtesy of Benefit and Starbucks. I wasn’t expecting it and hadn’t been asked to do anything in return for it (though I assume they were hoping I would) so it actually felt like a gift, which cheered me up in the middle of my horrible week.

Basically if you pop into Starbucks you can pick up a coaster for a free “make upper” at a Benefit counter and if you pop into Benefit you can pick up a cardboard cup holder that gives you buy one get one free at Starbucks. They sent me some vouchers, but also a ceramic Starbucks cup and a bottle of Posie Tint. Treating myself to a Starbucks is something I do after I’ve been to the Gym, so now I can save 25p by taking my own cup, hurrah!


And that was another little insight into a pretty uneventful week in my life. I worked, I played Roller Derby (and jammed 3 times during scrim and didn’t die, for those of you that know what that means!), I went to the gym and I drank wine.

Todays plans involve the supermarket and the Cinema. How about yours?