My fondness for quirky tights has hit the mother lode. I have discovered Tattoo Tights.

There was I, casually browsing Pinterest, when I discovered that you can buy tattoo tights on Etsy.

So I popped over to Etsy for a quick browse of the available offerings, and lets just say I may well be bankrupt soon, but my legs will look awesome.

Part of my fondness for tattoo tights as a style is that I’m actually not a big fan of opaque tights. A lot of prints and patterns appear on opaques, and I buy them, then hardly wear them. To me opaques are the equivalent of flinging on a pair of jeans. I wear them mostly when I’m popping to the shop or not making much effort, so covering them in fancy patterns just makes getting dressed a little bit more difficult while I make sure my skirt doesn’t clash with my tights, and who has time for that?

Nude tights are my go to if I want to make an effort, so if I can also get them with cute patterns on, then yay! Tattoo tights are the kind of thing I’ll work a whole outfit around, because I can’t resist a theme!

So today I’m sharing my favourite 10 pairs of tattoo tights I spotted on Etsy. You’re lucky I whittled it down to 10 as there were many more! (Seriously, you can buy tights with Dobby the House Elf on them.)

Clockwise from top left:

Birdcage Tights
These look a bit like knee socks, which can be quite cute. I like how the design doesn’t go over the knee as I often find that distorts a pattern. These would look cute with an A line skirt that stops around knee height, or with a shorter tunic dress.

Comic Print Tights
If you’ve been reading for a while you may know my fondness for comic book prints. HOW COOL ARE THESE TIGHTS? That is all.

Don’t Panic Tights
Both a sneaky reference to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and excellent advice. You can wear these either way round, so the print is on your shin or your calf, I would probably go with calf.

Butterfly Stockings
This is a pretty ad delicate design that would look gorgeous peeking from under a below the knee pencil skirt, as you don’t necessarily need to see the whole design. They are described as “thigh high socks” so read “stockings” and I would probably wear them with a suspender belt.

Flamingo Tights
Another quite simple design on one leg, that might really convince people you’ve got a huge flamingo tattooed on you from a distance. I think you need to see the whole design of this, so I’d probably make sure my skirt fell just above the knee.

Swallow Tattoo Tights
These are based on a common Rockabilly motif that you’ll see on cardigans and other clothing, as well as in tattoos. The matching Swallows here are on your feet, so you can wear whatever you want with them, as long as you wear shoes that show them off.

Snake & Dagger Tattoo Tights
Another “classic” tattoo design of a dagger piercing a heart with a snake wrapped around it. I don’t know why this is a classic tattoo design. If I weren’t so darn lazy I’d go and do some research, but I am, so instead I’m wondering if YOU know?

Octopus Tights
Because Octopi (Octopuses, whatever) are cool.

Flamingo Footless Tights
These are actually footless tights, rather than regular tights, they can be worn like leggings or pulled under your heels. I’d maybe wear these with a short skirt and ankle boots to show off that gorgeous design that’s like a proper work of art!

Geisha Tights
Another colourful design, but a little more understated being just on the side of the calf.

At some point I am totally going to have to invest in some of these!

Which ones are your favourite? Are you a fan of tattoo tights?