Oooh #GlamorousJuly is just 2 days away from being over.

Life is going to seem weird without a daily challenge that involves me doing something ridiculous and attempting to take a photo to represent it.

Maybe I’ll start from the beginning and make August Glamorous too?

This week has been pretty stressful again, for reasons that I will share at some point, but for now I shall just be one of those vague bloggers! Lets just say I was very grateful for Wednesdays take a break task though. Bliss!

Anyway, here’s what happened with week 4’s challenges!

Day 22 – No Make Up

Well, this is pretty far outside my comfort zone let me tell you. I think I’ve been out without make up about 4 or 5 times since I was 17, and then never further than a corner shop.

At first I felt self concious without my eyebrows, but then it felt weirdly liberating. I could rub my eyes without worrying about smearing my mascara. Amazing!

I’m not going to make it into a habit though, I like make up.

Props to MoodyMare33 for the most heavily filtered no make up selfie of the day! I thought everyone who shared their photos looked gorgeous!

Day 23 – Hug

This was pretty easy for me on Day 23. I was playing in a Roller Derby game and there is always plenty of hugging at those! Post game hugs are tradition. This was a tough and very hot game, and the photo of I shared is of me hugging JoJo Yubari, who I pivoted for on the day.

Somewhat mysteriously all of the hug photos have disappeared from the GlamorousJuly hashtag, so I can only share mine and PearlCurlsandLipstick who I happened to have saved already. A shame as there was a really cute penguin.

Day 24 – Leave a Book

The idea of this was to leave a book for someone else to read and take part in BookCrossing.

I registered an old copy of Philip Pullmans Ruby in the Smoke with BCID is 609-14119375.

I love Palelylaura had given all her books away already, so just shared some gin!

Day 25 – Facemask

Todays challenge was to treat yourself to a facemask. I know, what a hardship.

I made one from scratch from ingredients in my kitchen cupboard, and jolly nice it was too. You can find the recipe here. I will definitely do this more often!

Todays favourite has to be AkramsIdeas very literal interpretation!

Day 26 – Change Routes

How many times do you walk or drive places and you go exactly the same way every time, almost in a dream world, not paying any attention? The point of todays little exercise to wake yourself up a bit, go a different way, see something new and focus on what is going on around you.

On my walk home from the Gym I wandered a bit randomly, then realised I could actually walk home through the beautiful Cathedral grounds and along by the river. I think it took a few minutes longer, but was totally worth it!

MoodyMare33 had the best story to accompany her picture as she was forced to travel the long way round to work after leaving her phone in the gym!

Day 27 – Take a Break

Todays challenge was seized on quite enthusiastically.

I planned to try and find somewhere by the river to sit with a glass of wine. I have really fond memories of doing that on holiday many years ago and should really do it more often! Then it decided to rain all day on Wednesday. Instead I headed to a local bar with big windows to sit and watch the world go by, and as I arrived the sun came out from behind the clouds and it was beautiful.

MoodyMare33 gets the “best use of a flamingo” award.

Day 28 – Be Bold

So, yesterdays challenge was to wear your brightest clothes! Seeing as I’d already worn my actual brightest clothes over the weekend I opted for a bright yellow skirt and shoes, which brightened up a trip to Tesco. I even carried my shopping in a gold bag with neon pink trim, because even groceries deserve to be glamorous!

I have also fallen in love with PearlsCurlsandLipsticks bright blue Barry M Gel nail polish!

And that was how Week 4 of #GlamorousJuly panned out!

There’s only 2 days left to go, as I’ve already cooked a delicious meal as a surprise for Mr Chick for breakfast!

I’m planning to have a little muse on how it and share my thoughts next week (I bet you can’t wait!)

In the meantime if you want to you can take a peek at all the photos and read the captions on the Instagram #GlamorousJuly hashtag. Apart from Day 23 apparently, for reasons known only to Instagram.

I have to shoot off for Cocktails now, as I live a very hard life!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay Glamorous!