I do love Summer.

I might still spend large parts of my time whining about being too hot, mosquito bites (Srsly, I have some on my FEET right now and they are SO PAINFUL), tan lines and general sweatiness. But really, I love it. There’s something about being able to just throw on a sun dress and a pair of sandals and be ready to go that makes Summer dressing feel so relaxed.

I love it being light late and sitting in the garden with a jug of Pimms, I love going for long early evening walks with no destination, pub beer gardens, picnics by the river and all the other lovely Summer clichés.

I’m always looking for shortcuts to looking “put together”, so the other thing I love about Summer is it comes with a host of in-built ways to make yourself look like you made a huge effort, when you totally just rolled out of bed.

The 5 essentials for Summer Glamour

I’m starting to get that “Summers nearly over” feeling, but apparently we still have a bit of a heat wave on the way to see out the end, so I thought I’d share some of my “Summer Glamour Hacks”, because apparently everything is a hack these days! And yes, I’m aware I sound about 100 when I say that. I’m just awaiting delivery of my slippers and reclining chair!

As far as I’m concerned there are only really 5 things (+ red lipstick, obviously) that you need to look totally amazing all Summer.

1 Sunglasses

Easiest tip. A big pair of round Jackie O style or Cats Eye Sunglasses. It’s like summer glamour 101.

Can’t be bothered to wear mascara, or indeed any make up at all? Throw on a pair of sunglasses and no one will ever know. Add red lipstick for extra glamour points and you’ll fool everyone.

Prescription sunglasses
My favourites:

2 Head Scarves

These are summers version of the beret. On hot days just pin your hair at the nape of your neck and cover it in a scarf.

There’s 5 ways to tie a head scarf here if you need some tips! My Summer favourite is the rockabilly style bandana.

I recommend Bad Kitty for some perfect printed, double sided head scarves that work so well for this style!

Rockabilly headscarf and cats eye glasses

3 Sundresses

You know in winter when you’re feeling lazy and you wear jeans ALL the time, or black tights and a black jersey dress, and it’s smart, but it’s just so drab.

Well, the best thing about Summer is that you don’t need to make sure your tights match your dress, or your jacket, or anything. Just fling on a sun dress and go.

My favourite style is something with spaghetti straps and a fuller skirt. I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of this Emmy Designs dress and this Collectif Dress, for instance.

I’ve said it before, and it’s still true, there’s something about a dress that somehow fools people into thinking you made a massive effort, when all you really did is, er, put on a dress.

Oh look, this photo features a head scarf, sunglasses AND a sun dress!

Emmy Designs 40s Striped Dress

4 Gradual fake tanner

This stuff is my most favourite stuff in the whole world. I’m all for pale and interesting, but every summer the same thing happens. I spend time outdoors, and even with sunscreen, I will get a bit of a tan, but only bits of me. My stomach and thighs, for instance, will stay stubbornly untanned. This means the minute I put on a pair of shorts or a crop top I look weird with my glowing white stomach and tanned shoulders.

I am also way too lazy for actual fake tan, man, you have to put that stuff on smoothly and evenly. I will invariably end up with tan lines on my feet, hands and neck. Instead every Summer I switch my regular body lotion for a gradual fake tanner (currently this one from Dove). I just use it after a bath like I would my regular body lotion, and it stops my white bits from blinding people in the bright sunshine.

5 A Fan

And not one of those silly little battery operated jobs. A proper paper fan that you can flick open and smile coquettishly over.

These are so easy to throw in your bag and really great at keeping you cool. I have actually no idea why they’re not more common. The advantage of them not being so common is that when people see you using a fan you are immediately transformed in their minds into a TOTAL glamour puss. You might be a hot mess with sweat dripping down your neck and no make up desperately seeking shade, but whip out a pretty paper fan and you are instantly elevated into chic glamour.

I get most of my fans from Boot Fairs, charity and vintage shops, but Etsy is also a great place to look!


And that’s it, as far as I’m concerned if I was stranded in the City one Summer with only a sun dress, a head scarf, a pair of sunglasses, some gradual fake tanner and a hand fan I’m pretty sure I could convince people I’d made all the effort.

At least until they noticed I wasn’t wearing any shoes.