The weather has finally broken and Autumn has arrived.

This inevitably means that I have immediately started wanting an entire new Autumn wardrobe. I’m pinning pictures of tweed and plaid, cosy scarves over round neck jumpers and big skirts with leather jackets.

Of course, as ever this urge comes at a time when I cannot afford any of these things, so I’m planning another big wardrobe clearout on eBay in the hope I can treat myself to a couple of nice new Autumn bits.

Here’s what’s on my Autumn Wish list.


 One// Lindy Bop Jean Mustard Yellow Sweater

I look terrible in round neck tops, but I don’t think anyone would notice if I wore this one due to the cute poodle wearing glasses.

I want to wear this with a plaid skirt, brogues and ribbed tights as the weather cools down.

Two// Peckham Order Skirt

Oh look, a handy plaid skirt to go with that jumper. It would also look cool with that brown biker jacket I picked out. And with number 3 which is a….

Three// Cream Marl Snood

When I was a kid a snood was a thing that fitted over your head. I imagine this is tube shaped, so could be worn that way, but I just want to wear it wrapped around my neck all snuggly over jumpers. Like a scarf but with no pesky ends to get in the way.

Four// Black Tulle Midi Skirt

So this ones a bit out there. I’ve been resisting the lure of the tulle midi skirt for some time, but Pinterest has started to tempt me. I want to wear it with a slogan t-shirt and a black biker jacket and look all rock n roll Princess.

Five// Leather A Line Midi Skirt

This comes in black and burgundy, but I have my eye on the burgundy version. There was a time, circa 2001 when I basically lived in a line leather skirts. I had beige, burgundy, brown and black and I used to wear them with polo necks and boots and feel chic, but just a bit rock n roll. I fancy doing that again.

Six// Leather Biker Jacket

Last, but not least. I want a fitted brown leather biker jacket. I have one in black (well, it’s faux leather, but who’s checking) and I wear it so often that I feel like a good brown one would be an excellent autumn investment.