I’ve already had multiple emails about diets this morning and Iceland has moved all the Slimming World food next to the door and banished the party food to the darkest corner of the store.

I however, am eating left over sausage rolls and crumpets, and gearing up for the traditional New Years Day Chinese takeaway while watching the Worlds Strongest Man final.

Starting to write this weeks diary is a bit weird, looking back at things I did just a week ago feels like a lifetime, this time last week it was Boxing Day, and this time NEXT week it will be just any old Sunday again.

Any, this weirdly long week I…..

Went for a walk on the beach

On Boxing Day we planned a long walk on the beach. As, it seems, did everyone else who lived within a 5 mile radius of the beach. We didn’t walk for quite as long as we’d planned as it was blooming freezing. There were lots of very excitable dogs, including this one that was totally fascinated by a kite.

Watched Suicide Squad

I missed this at the Cinema, so on Boxing Day we decided to take advantage of my Parents Sky subscription and rent it. It was good, but not everything I’d hoped for. It left me wanting more as I felt there was a lot of stuff that could have been done with the characters. A little disappointing.

Ate meatballs

We went to Ikea. I am incapable of leaving Ikea without eating meatballs. Seriously. I am also incapable of leaving Ikea without at least one candle.

This time we even bought some frozen meatballs and a packet of sauce so I can attempt to recreate them at home. Unless I plan to stand in a queue in my kitchen for 20 minutes before I eat them I imagine it’s unlikely to be quite the same.

Finally got my ASOS vouchers

Remember those vouchers I was supposed to get emailed to me as a surprise Christmas present on Christmas Day? They finally showed up on the 27th. No one at ASOS has really apologised, just sent glib overly cheerful messages on Twitter (and by email to my Mum a whole WEEK after she emailed and asked about them). I’m still pissed off with them. I’m also too scared to spend any of the vouchers in case I see something I like more later on. I’m pretty sure I’ll get over it soon!

Went back to the Gym

I did go for a slow run on Wednesday while the weather was crisp and cold, it is now raining, I hate running in the rain. On Friday I went back to the gym proper. It’s only been a week, but I’m pretty sure someone snuck in while I wasn’t looking and made all the weights extra heavy.

It was actually a lot busier than I expected, I thought January would be when everyone came crawling back, but it turns out they all want to come back before New Years Eve, maybe so their party outfit still fits.

Nailed my eyeliner

On New Years Eve we just went to the pub round the corner for a few drinks before heading home to see in the New Year with some Champagne that cost £7.99 from Aldi. I decided I fancied some gold glittery eyes, and for the first time in a while decided I had time to try some eyeliner flicks. They went perfectly first time, I’m hoping this is an omen that means in 2017 everything will work out as perfectly my New Years Eve eyeliner.

Started preparing for Valentines Day

Seriously, you can’t rest on your laurels! These babies are getting ready to hit Mr Chicks Etsy shop soon ready for Valentines Day, though to be honest they’re kind of awesome decorations for any time of year. They look cool hung over the fire place or door handles.


Obviously. It was New Years Eve, there was more fizzy wine than was advisable and more party food than was strictly necessary for 2 people.

And that was how I spent the very last week of 2016!

How was your week?