Yoga is something I took up out of necessity. I like running, and I like Roller Derby and I like going to the gym, but my body doesn’t always like that I like running and Roller Derby and going to the gym. I’m in my late 30s and I have long-standing problems with my lower back. I have flat feet and tight hips and tight shoulders and old injuries that mean I often need a few minutes notice if I’m expected to get out of a low chair.

If I want to keep being active, and not only that but do the things I do WELL then I need to keep working on my mobility and flexibility. Yoga is a nice way to do this. There are poses for any condition you care to mention, plus most of the videos end with a nice lie down which you can still call exercise. Yoga helps keep me moving, and helps me improve the limited range of motion I have in my hips and shoulders, having taken up exercise in my 30s after years of desk based jobs.

(This is exactly how I look doing Yoga, honest.)

Today I thought I’d share a few You Tube Yoga channels that I have found that I like, plus the specific videos in them that work for me.


This is one of the first channels I discovered when I started doing Yoga when running. I love the Yoga for Runners: Injury Prevention video. It’s short at under 30 minute and works a lot on all the muscles that get tight when running, it’s also challenging without being too intense. There are multiple teachers on the channel, and multiple playlists to take a look at. I recommend taking a look at the Yoga for Runners playlist, which also includes a post-run session I have used in the past.

GymRa Plus

GymRa Plus is a multi-purpose fitness channel that includes lots of workout videos, as well as other fitness advice. There is a full Yoga playlist, I particularly like the Recovery Yoga video with Micki, not too long at around 22 minutes, it is perfect for stretching out sore and aching muscles.

Ekhart Yoga

Esther Ekhart is from the Netherlands, and I find her accent very calming, which is a good start for a Yoga channel! The videos are around 20 minutes again, though she does longer sessions on her website. There are many playlists to chose from, videos for beginners, morning yoga and yoga for specific strength building. My particular favourite is the 20 minute Yoga for Runners video, though there are several others aimed at runners if you search.

Flat Mat Yoga

Flat Mat Yoga is aimed specifically at Roller Derby athletes, and as such has lots of videos for strengthening and stretching muscles used a lot in the sport such as ankles and hips. There are also lots of good general videos. The Post-Workout Yoga video is under 10 minutes and a great routine for after the gym and the neck and shoulder mobility is great if you sit at a desk a lot. This channel also has a couple of videos that are useful if you are injured and can’t bear weight on your arms or legs.

Fightmaster Yoga

This is a channel I have started to use more recently. I have been working on my hip mobility and loosening up my back and shoulders and this is one of the best videos I have found. It’s short, but great for my hips and back. Some of the poses are challenging, but slightly less advanced versions are given. There is a good selection of playlists, so I will probably work through some more of these as Lesley Fightmaster seems personable!

Sweaty Betty

My last recommendation is not really a yoga channel, but it does feature a guest instructor event, Yoga for Runners with Charlie Morgan, that I find really useful. It’s a longer session at around an hour, so one for when you have a bit more time. It really works on your hips and back, as well as opening up your shoulders and building leg strength. Perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk, but also performs a sport in their spare time.

And those are my recommendations. I’ve tried many yoga videos and channels over the years, including some very popular ones, and found the instructors unbearably smug, or the poses either completely impossible, or so simple as to not be worth the effort. This list is the ones I’ve kept coming back to.

Do you have any recommendations for You Tube Yoga channels to share?