Ah, changeable Spring weather.

One day it’s all Summer frocks and sandals, the next it’s scarves and jumpers. The unpredictability of the weather at this time of year is particularly evident since the invention of Time Hop. Each morning I scroll back through posts featuring blue skies and sunshine, sitting next to posts of me the previous year complaining how cold it is and taking photos of the cosy fire I’m burning.

Well, today is in between those 2. I felt I could manage without a coat, though a jumper and scarf were in order.

Heading out onto the streets, however, I saw many people who had interpreted the weather in many different ways. Some wrapped up in fur coats, or parkas with the hoods up. While others were blithely insisting that the sun was going to burst through any second in t-shirts and flip flops.

I don’t mind the slight lull in the Spring sunshine, because it means I got to finally wear this fox print scarf that I impulsively bought in local department store Roys back in October last year, and then left sitting in a pile next to my bed for a full 6 months. (I’ve found the same scarf online here)

It’s cute, but doesn’t go with any of my winter coats, so spring is the time for the foxes to come out and play.

In other extremely fascinating outfit news. I’m still wearing those fitted black trousers I bought to try and get myself into trousers more often, but have not yet invested in any of the more interesting pairs I had my eye on. Whilst these trousers turned out to be more comfortable than I normally find trousers, and also practical as I can actually wear them with flat shoes, I’m still not entirely convinced they’re the most flattering on me. So, instead of buying more trousers I can’t help but think that maybe I want to invest my small clothing budget (or that £30 ASOS voucher I still haven’t spent) on something TOTALLY AMAZING, instead of boring practical.

Something like a silver a-line skirt, or a body suit with unicorns on it. Or both, because that sounds like an outfit I’d totally wear.

Until I decide to invest in the unicorn outfit, I’ll probably just keep wearing these trousers to death. Today with a snuggly Topshop jumper that I bought from new but is so sold it’s verging on being actual vintage and my favourite pair of practical heels.

♣ Jumper – Topshop many moons ago ♣ Trousers – ASOS ♣
♣ Shoes – Office  ♣ Fox scarf