Lovely as it was to see Alice in Wonderland on Friday, the reason I was there was not to review the film. It was for the Tom Binns for Disney Couture jewellery collection.

Before the film there was a nice little mingling area set up with drinks and snacks. Journalists, buyers and bloggers were present to view the collection and it was lovely to get the chance to meet up with some bloggers I’d never met in the flesh before.

Here I am with Carina from Self Service, Sarah from Enchanted Hunters and Fiona from Save Our Shoes. I also met the lovely Jenny from the Style PA and Reena from Fashion Day Dreams.

The thing I didn’t do is get an outfit photo as I was in such a rush, so sadly this is the best you’ll get until I wear it again! I wore a vintage coat, this vintage dress and a vintage leather belt with pin curled hair, grey tights and black lace up shoes. I am the epitome of Granny Chic!

The jewellery collection itself consists of 35 pieces for Disney Couture as well as a special Tom Binns for Walt Disney Signature line consisting of just 6 high end jewellery pieces.

It was beautifully laid out for us to browse as a Mad Hatters Tea Party amongst a jumble of stills from the film, playing cards in frames, tea cups and cake stands.

My particular favourite was the tea party necklace , featuring a big bite out of a tiny gold tea cup. It was almost hidden away among the chunky layered chains, bold plastic hearts and over-sized key holes, draped over a tea cup inhabited by a white rabbit. Naturally. I also love cascading keyhole necklace, which perfectly captures the confusion and madness of the Alice in Wonderland story.

Alice in Wonderland has absolutely taken the fashion world by storm and I love it.

I don’t care if it’s everywhere, Alice in Wonderland motifs are obsessing me now. I’ve written briefly about Fairy Tale fashion before and considering I’m planning to see the film for a second time with Mr Chick I feel sure this won’t be the last you’ll hear about Alice in Wonderland from me……