Morning! Another week has passed, and while I can’t promise it was the most exciting week in my life, it was relatively pleasant as weeks go.

Any week that involves Champagne has to be pretty pleasant really, right?

Anyway, today I am super excited as I am going on holiday. By holiday I mean 2 nights camping in a forest, because that’s all budget and schedule will run to right now, but I am VERY excited about the change of scenery and not having to empty the dishwasher for 2 days.

Anyway, I’ll tell you AAAALLL about that later, in the meantime, this week I….

Was a nosey bystander

There was a bit of drama on a road near us this week as a car managed to overshoot a turning and flip itself entirely on it’s side. We were driving home in the rain and had a bit of an “Oooh, what’s going on here” moment. We were stopped at the junction opposite and I became one of those terrible people who take photos. I wasn’t the only one though, and my photo through our rainy car window is almost as good as the one that appeared in the local newspaper. No one was hurt, which is a relief, but the driver of the car is quoted as saying “It’s been a bad day”.

Drank Champagne for no reason

Well, there was kind of a reason. It’s a bit of a personal tradition that I collect the Wimbledon Lanson Champagne covers. I normally enjoy watching Andy Murray in the finals while I drink it, but seeing as he didn’t make it that far this year I made the most of my distant Swiss heritage to support Federer.

I was actually late home and watched it on the red button, which wasn’t quite as exciting as I already knew who won the first 2 sets. The champagne helped though.

After the tennis I finished the bottle while watching The Full Monty on Netflix. It was a pretty awesome Sunday if I’m honest..

Went for a terrible run

Honestly, it sucked.

I’m signed up to Run Norwich 10k in August (you can donate to Norwich Community Sports Foundation here) and I’m still feeling woefully unprepared as for ages I’ve only done short runs. So over the last month I’ve been upping my distances to prepare. Last week I did a 4.5 mile run that left me feeling awesome. This week I did 5 miles that made me want to cry. I didn’t cry though. I’m brave.

Had an amazing culinary experience

Ok, what I actually did was eat a Butterfinger. Our tiny local corner shop does not sell food, unless you count microwave burgers and pasties as food. It generally sells toilet roll, newspapers, milk, and a whole load of booze and snack foods. Bizarrely, the snack food selection includes the biggest range of American confectionery that I have ever seen outside one of those specialist shops that charges £5 for a can of Root Beer.

This week I decided to try a Butterfinger. It was like a peanut butter flavoured Crunchie. I might be in love.

Played Roller Derby

I know, that’s new, right? I’ll be doing it again next week, in Dublin, which is super exciting.

This weeks game was also super exciting as it was against London Roller Girls Batter C Power who are a really good team, and we were looking forward to the challenge.

We didn’t win, but I am proud of how we played, we adapted our game and tactics to deal with tough opposition. This is how we learn and get ready for world domination.

Sustained a horrific injury

Sadly I sustained a horrific injury in the last jam of the game on Saturday.

I know, right. I put my hand to my face during the game and saw blood on my hand, panicked slightly, then one of team mates said “It’s just a little cut” and I was like “Oh, right, don’t be a big baby.”

To be fair I was very sweaty, and sweat really hurts when it gets into a teeny tiny cut on your chin.

After having the injury fully assessed by medical personnel (I looked in the mirror, I have a first aid certificate), I have established that I will probably live.

Was incensed by Motorway Service station prices

Not to finish the week on a downer, but TWO POUNDS FOR A SMALL BOTTLE OF SPRITE?

TWO POUNDS? It’s daylight robbery, frankly.

How was your week?