Hey there, good afternoon!

I’m a bit late today as I’ve spent the morning standing in a car park attempting to sell all my worldly goods for 50p (or at a Car Boot Sale, is the other way to put it), why do they have to start so darn early?

Now I am back home, and planning to resume my regular Sunday afternoon position on the sofa, and stay there for the rest of the day, or until I get bored at least.

But first let me update you on the FASCINATING week just gone, because this week I….

Found a deformed apple

Because I like to set your expectations for how exciting my week was right from the start, we found 2 apples that were fused together underneath an apple tree.

It was that exciting that we took a photo.

Which is a good job because apparently pretty much the only other thing I took photos of this week was my dinner.

I hate it when I have really boring weeks and on Sunday I have to try and make excitement out of things like finding 2 apples that were fused together, though I genuinely did find this quite exciting.

Saved someones life

Ok, potentially I’m padding my part in this little drama a bit (a lot.).

On Monday I was walking home from the Gym and there was a man collapsed at the bus stop. Someone was tending to him and someone else was on the phone to ambulance, but I stopped to check if I could help. I am first aid trained, and have been since I was about 8, so I just wanted to check in case the other people there weren’t. They seemed perfectly competent, and the emergency services people asked if someone could go and look for a defibrillator in case it was needed. I’m trained in using one of those too (oooh, get me and my certificates!). So I shot across to the shopping centre security office to ask to grab theirs.

Except apparently they don’t have one. WHICH IS STOOPID.

The closest one was 1/2 a mile away at the Cathedral apparently. A 20 minute round trip in which someone could be dead. I felt like writing a strongly worded letter.

Anyway, by the time I discovered this and got back to the collapsed guy he was no longer collapsed and was chatting, so I decided a mile run to the Cathedral and back was probably redundant.

Then the first responder unit turned up and I took my leave.

Still, that was a bit of drama for a Monday morning.

Discovered a new Co-Op

Actually, this probably takes the award for “most exciting happening this week”. But only in my head.

Some background.

About 3 years ago there was a shop at the end of my road. I think it sold lights. Then it closed down. Then they knocked it down and built a shiny new shop that someone told me was going to be a Sainsburys Local. I got very excited about the idea of a nice Sainsburys Local that sold proper food so near my house, instead of the rubbish corner shop that only sells frozen pizza and White Lightning.

I waited with anticipation for it to open.

6 months later I read news stories about protestations from nearby shops in the frozen pizza and White Lightning trade who were concerned that the presence of a Sainsburys Local would allow people to buy fresh fruit and vegetables rather than frozen pizza.

I got annoyed.

2 years later I had finally stopped grumbling to myself under my breath every time I passed the empty shop, and accepted that it would never be a Sainsburys Local.

Then one day, when I was returning from a run, I noticed licensing notices in the window. I read them and discovered it was going to be a Co-Op.


A mere month later there is finally a shop at the end of my road that sells fresh fruit and vegetables. I was excited enough that on the Thursday when I found out it had opened I walked round there at 10:30pm just to look at the vegetables (and buy a beer, just so they didn’t think I was weird.).

And that is the story of the new Co-Op that I’ve been waiting 2 years for.

Had to wear a jacket

That’s it folks. Summer is over, because on Friday night, for the first time since about May, I had to put my jacket on when I went out, instead of just carrying it about with me all night and being too warm to wear it.

Time to dig out the opaque tights and boots. It’s all over folks.

I was heading out to pop into an Elvis party pop up hosted by my friends Susie and Simon. I couldn’t stay long as I had to get up for practice on Saturday, but it’s nice to get out of the house for something other than Roller Derby sometimes!

Thinned the Vintage China

My urge to buy slightly chipped art deco china at bootfairs and in charity shops is verging on a disease. It’s stacked in cabinets, and under cabinets, and in boxes.

So I spent Saturday afternoon sorting it all out, removing the layers of dust and boxing it all up to take to this mornings bootfair in the hope that there would be other people with the same disease willing to spend 50p on some slightly chipped art deco china.

I sold a small side plate and a trinket tray, and a rather dull pale blue Minton set, but actually I’ve bought most of it back home again. I’m actually not that sad about it, but I’ll take it back for another go in a few weeks!

And that was how my week looked.

How was your week?