There are things in my life that make me feel like I’ve finally achieved the coveted status of “actual grown up”.

I rarely run out of toilet roll, milk or toothpaste. I order my shopping online, like an adult, and I have a chalkboard on my fridge with a weekly meal plan and a fridge full of made in advance lunches neatly packed in tupperware.

Of all of these the last one is both the most recent advance in my move towards grown up status, and also perhaps one that I’m most proud of.

Prepping and planning your meals in advance is definitely a time saver. I even wrote a little beginners guide to meal planning recently. Honestly it’s been a total game changer for me to actually have my meals planned out for the week to make sure I have something healthy and nutritious to eat.

It does, however, take time to actually plan and shop for the meals and there’s been weeks where it’s been a little stressful to make the time to actually plan and prep the meals. This is where a healthy meal delivery service like Prep Perfect comes in.

Recently they offered me a chance to try one of their meal plans for a week (keep going to the end for your chance to win a weeks worth of meals for yourself!).

I opted for the maintenance plan, which works out at roughly 2000 calories a day and 176g of Protein. This is slightly different to my normal Macros, but if I’d been very particular about sticking to my own Macro breakdown they also offer the option to create a bespoke meal plan, which would be perfect for anyone prepping for a special occasion or competition.

What were the meals themselves like? I was concerned that they might be a bit bland, or that they would be a bit soggy after being microwaved. But never fear, I was totally wrong. The meals were really good. Filling and with healthy portions of vegetables as well. Some were more successful than others. My favourite was the Thai Green Quorn and Vegetable Curry, though the jerk chicken came a close second. Possibly the least successful was the burger, mostly because once put through the microwave the lettuce was a little bit, er, floppy, but it still tasted good! The granola was also a little dry, but you could add some extra yoghurt to get round that. The protein waffles were absolutely delicious, I want to eat protein waffles for breakfast every day.

Most of the meals can also be eaten cold as well as heated up, which made them perfect for sticking in an ice box and taking down to Chelmsford for a healthy protein and carb packed balanced meal after my Roller Derby game that week.

The week I got my delivery wasn’t a particularly stressful week, as it happens, but I would absolutely love to order another one of these for Cocktail Week in October! Finding time to cook, and knowing what time I will be home during that week is very difficult, and we often end up eating out, ordering takeaways, or making emergency trips for ready meals to the corner shop, none of which are very healthy, and it works out much more expensive.

Which brings me to cost…..

I think we all know that having nutritionally balanced ready prepped meals delivered to our door isn’t going to work out as cheaply as preparing the same meals from scratch ourselves. Much the same as we know that buying ready grated cheese is more expensive than buying a big block and grating it ourselves, or that buying a whole fish with eyes that stare at you is probably cheaper than buying it ready filleted. We still do it though. The trade off of price for convenience is sometimes one worth making. The cost of the Prep Perfect meals depends on your plan and the number of meals you pick. You can opt for breakfast lunch and dinner, or just breakfast and lunch OR dinner. Either way they work out at around £4-5 a meal, which is cheaper than a week full of takeaways and meals out, and far healthier.

Personally this isn’t a plan I would chose to have delivered every single week, but definitely something I will bear in mind for those particularly busy and stressful weeks when even finding the time to plan a menu and do an online shop is too much, let alone actually cook the damn stuff. I’m actually super keen to do it again over Cocktail Week, I will be discussing with Mr LLL! It’s super easy to just pick a meal plan and click the buy button and know there’ll be nutritious food in the house for a week.

Now the fun part!

Prep Perfect have kindly offered one of you lucky lot the chance to pick a meal plan of your own to try for a week. You can choose from the Weight Loss, Maintenance, or Muscle Gain plans from the Meal Plans page and pick your own delivery date at your convenience.

To enter just log into the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the instructions. It’s your basic social follows competition, so if you’re already a follower all you need to do is click the button, easy! You get an extra entry for each one you do, but you can do as many, or as few, as your little heart desires.

Good luck!

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