Well hello there, how are you this fine day? At least, it is fine now, lovely, in fact. Earlier it was raining and I have no doubt at all that will be raining again soon, because it is a British June and that’s what happens in a British June. Sunshine and Showers/Torrential downpours.

Every June it rains, and every June people who have lived in the UK for their entire lives are surprised by it.

Today I am writing this with a slight hangover of the sort you get after drinking more celebratory beer than is strictly advisable without even realising you were drinking quite so much beer. The sort of hangover that is characterised by a mild dread that you were probably a total idiot. Honestly it would be unusual if I hadn’t been a total idiot because I’m perfectly capable of that when I’m sober.

Anyway, moving swiftly on. This week I…….

Had a funny ear

I know, big news. I started this week with a constant wooshing noise in my left ear. I think it was my hayfever blocking up my eustacion eustachun ears.

It made me feel a little off balance, which was fun as I was coaching the basic skating skills course on Monday night.

You’ll be pleased to know I managed to stay upright.

Saw some amusing googly eyes

Just establishing a level for the big news this week. Someone stuck googly eyes on the red man at a pedestrian crossing. I saw it on my way home from the hairdressers. It made me laugh.


Voted. Obvs.

You know that because you know pretty much everything I did on Thursday.


I’m not going to talk about it much on here, because to be honest the whole thing and the way people are reacting to it is making me deeply anxious.

Blanket forts and Netflix are the only way to go.

Got a Haircut

A long overdue hair cut as I was starting to look a little shaggy dog. My hair is now freshly cropped, and also reblonded so I don’t have terrible roots. I failed to take any selfies when it was beautiful and fresh. Then I stuffed it under a helmet all day yesterday, so now it looks like this. I am still claiming it’s deliberately tousled.


Was on the Radio

On Saturday we had a very important Roller Derby game as part of our British Championships series. BBC Radio Norfolk came to interview us before the game, and called us after for a bit of a post match chat. If you fancy a listen we’re at 2:08 and again at 3:36 on the listen again.

Bit of inside information here that’s a secret, just for you. I might have claimed to still be out of breath from the game in that second segment, but actually I was out of breath because I’d just had the quickest shower of my life so that I didn’t miss the call and had then got dressed at a hundred miles an hour because I really didn’t want to be on radio with no clothes on, even if no one could see me!

Did a Win


Yes, we won that game by the way. It was a tough and very physical game, and I loved every second of it.

Fell off a step

Yes, I got through an hour of people trying to hit me with no major injuries, arrived at the after party and  within 10 minutes managed to try and stand on a step that wasn’t there and dramatically fall over sideways. I now have a bruise and a graze on my leg. Honestly, sometimes it’s a wonder I make it through the day in one piece.

I didn’t spill my beer though, it’s a good job Roller Derby has given me good balance.

And that was another week in my fascinating life. Wooshing ears, grazed knees, hangovers and Roller Derby.

How was your week?