I never fail to find it weird how September always brings that back to school feeling, no matter how many years it’s been since you went to school.

For me part of that back to school feeling is the urge to have a whole load of shiny new kit. Late August was always about shopping. New school shoes, bag, maybe a nice shiny pencil case and a Parker fountain pen if you’d ruined last years by using it to clean your nails or carve your name in a desk.

Therefore the urge to shop hits me even more strongly around this time of year.

Which is my way of introducing the fact I’ve spent much of the last couple of weeks fantasy shopping for what essentially amounts to a new P.E. kit, except these days I don’t have to wear green gym knickers and aertex shirt.

Feel free to shop away your back to school blues, if this isn’t motivation to get to the gym then I don’t know what is.

ONE. New Look Infuser Gym Water Bottle

I recently managed to spring a leak in my water bottle, and have been using a variety of way less cool ones. I like infuser bit in this that I could put lemons in, and the gold top, obviously.

TWO. Pop Active Unicorn Gym Leggings

Because they have unicorns on them, and when I am at the gym I am graceful and elegant like a unicorn, not sweaty and red, oh no.

THREE. Lorna Jane Green Flexion Gym Bra

I frequently imagine that I would be the sort of cool person that goes to the gym in a sports bra. In fact I was once, when I was 18. Now I’m not sure I would find it so easy to pull off. I will continue to consider trying it if I one day get a bra that is cool enough to wear. Like this one.

FOUR. Nike Metcon in White and Gold

Now, I do HAVE some special weight lifting shoes, but they’re not also good for HIIT workouts, and, most importantly, they are not white and gold. I wish I was the sort of person who had white and gold gym shoes.

FIVE. Misfit Ray in Rose Gold

Since the untimely death of my fitbit I have been using my Tomtom sports watch as a fitness tracker as well, wearing it all day as well as to track runs and gym sessions.

I love its tracking function, but damn is it ugly. Even after I bought the pretty turquoise strap. To be honest, the strap also isn’t sturdy enough to wear all day every day and I’ve already broken 2 in a year. I had a Misfit before and liked it, so I’m tempted by this rose gold pretty.

SIX. Exclusive to ASOS Puma Tank

In reality this is the kind of top I wear to the gym, not a sports bra or crop top. I like the purple and green colours. Very autumnal.

SEVEN. Poprageous Leopard Print Capris

Leopard print gym capris. I could wear these with my leopard print gym gloves, because there’s no such thing as too much leopard print. Why don’t I own these already?