I haven’t made any Netflix recommendations for over a year. Which is weird because I basically watch everything on Netflix these days. I’m always deeply disappointed when I discover something I’d like to watch isn’t on there and I’m going to have to actually go and dig out a DVD.

One of the things that Netflix is awesome for isn’t just the fabulous new content. Everyone’s heard of GLOW and Stranger Things, and any one of the umpteen Marvel series available. It’s also great for rediscovering very old favourites, or catching up on shows that you completely managed to miss the first time round.

This recently happened to me as I started binge watching Peaky Blinders, so today I thought I would share a few series on Netflix that are worth a catch up, or even a rewatch if you watched them first time round.

There are plenty that date back to glory days in the 90s and early 00s, as well as some more recent choices that it’s worth catching up on before starting the most recent series.

Peaky Blinders

I had to start with this really. Season 4 has just started on BBC. I was 3 seasons behind, so I leapt into season 1 and 2 on Netflix (S3 is still on BBC iPlayer at the moment) and a week later I’m all up to date.

I preferred the earlier series, though the hair and clothes improve through the later series, so that makes up for the stories not being as much fun!

All series do heavily feature Cillian Murphy and his cheek bones.

Blue Planet

I do love a nature documentary, as long as it’s narrated by Richard Attenborough. Lately I’ve been saving up episodes of Blue Planet 2 to binge watch by the fire on a Sunday afternoon. This was how I discovered there was such a thing as a Pyjama Shark, which may be my spirit animal.

Then I discovered Blue Planet 1 was on Netflix.

Now I can binge watch whenever I like. Happy Days.

Peep Show

This was a super popular show, but if, like me, you always end up missing the first series of this kind of thing, then never fear, it’s on Netflix. All 9 series of it.

If you have seen it all, it’s still totally worth rewatching and remembering how that POV camera seemed so amazing back in 2003.

Only Fools and Horses

If you’re old like me then you’ll remember when Christmas wasn’t Christmas without the Only Fools and Horses Christmas special.

Randomly series 2 and 3 are on Netflix, but also the specials, which means you can catch up with some Christmas favourites.

The Office

I can remember someone telling me about a documentary about an AWFUL company they’d managed to find while channel hopping. It turned out to be The Office.

Surely everyone has seen The Office, but it’s always worth rewatching and remembering how much we wanted Dawn and Tim to get together.

Series 2 ends with *that* Christmas special which always makes me cry.


Remember when Sherlock started and it was really good. Before it went all totally bizarre in the last couple of seasons and made NO SENSE AT ALL?

Cool, then you can rewatch the early ones on Netflix and enjoy.

Absolutely Fabulous

Wonder over Patsy’s gravity defying beehive, laugh at Edina’s interesting fashion choices. Remember the 1990s when Absolutely Fabulous really was Absolutely Fabulous and we might have all secretly wanted to be Patsy, just a little bit.

Well, maybe it was just me.

The Detectorists

Season 2 of The Detectorists is on BBC4, which means you can catch it on iPlayer. If you missed Season 1 then you can do what I did and watch it on Netflix. Huzzah!

The Detectorists is a very gentle, very British comedy written by, and starring, Mackenzie Crook. It’s about a group of metal detectorists and their lives. That’s it. It’s really good.

Jonathan Creek

Back in the days before hard drive recorders Jonathan Creek was one of the TV shows that I would stay home to watch. I loved the murder mystery with a touch of magic. It was also nice to have Caroline Quentin as a female sidekick, in a world where female side kicks are invariably leggy size 8s with flippy hair.

There are 5 series on Netflix. The first 3 feature Caroline Quentin, then there was a short break and it returned with Julia Swahala, then an even longer break before it came back with Sheridan Smith. Rewatch the first 3 and remember it’s awesomeness back in the day.

I’m Alan Partridge

Back when I first watched Alan Partridge on TV I’d never been to Norwich. 20 years later I live here and actually met Alan Partridge himself at the Alpha Papa premier on Anglia Square.

I started rewatching this the other day. It’s still hilarious.

Pop over and search for them on Netflix and enjoy!