Hello there?

How are you today? Frankly right now I’m freezing having taken the Pugs for a walk in sleet. I am attempting to get a fire started, but I’m not very good at fires, and at the moment there is just a pile of lightly smouldering wood that I’m hoping will turn into a roaring fire before my fingers fall off from cold.

This afternoon I will be painting coal and watching vintage movies on Talking Pictures TV (Channel 81, it’s marvellous Sunday TV!)

But first up, this week I…..

Painted Coal

Lets start with this as those of you that actually read the paragraph above will be wondering why in the hell I will be painting coal today.

Mr LLL runs an Etsy shop, and one of his seasonal best sellers is a lump of coal with “Naughty” engraved on it as a stocking filler.

This means buying bags of coal, digging out lumps the right shape, and then painting them black so your hands don’t get covered in coal dust.

So, that’s how I spent last Sunday. And how I’ll spend today. Painting coal……

Got Festive at Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle Keep is an amazing building and they are currently starting a 4 year project to restore the interior of the building to the layout it would have had in the 1100s. The idea is to transform it into a piece of living history so visitors can really see what it would have been like in Medieval England.

I was invited along on Monday night to see a presentation about the project, and have an exclusive tour of the Medieval fighting gallery up high in the walls, an area that is currently inaccessible to visitors because of access issues. I’m really quite excited about seeing it once it’s all finished, and the project manager giving the presentation was obviously really excited about it too. I love listening to people who are enthusiastic talk about things they love.

More importantly, there was also mulled wine, mince pies, and these amazing sausage rolls that the Museums Service cafe sells. I’ve had them at events before, they are worth travelling for.

Hit the Egg Nog

I went to the gym. I didn’t really want to go to the gym. So I rewarded myself afterwards with my first Egg Nog latte of the year. And a Christmas cookie.

So I think I satisfactorily saw off any possibility of a calorie deficit from my workout.

Got to keep my strength up.

Felt Exceedingly Sorry for Myself

I have currently had a cold for 2 weeks. It’s one of those colds that’s bad enough to make you feel sorry for yourself, tired, achy and cough and splutter when faced with any kind of exercise, but not enough to justify going to bed and staying there till you feel better.

It sucks. I’ve been drinking a lot of lemsip and indulging in the occasional pity party.

I even missed scrim practice on Thursday, for like the first time EVER.

Stayed up till 2:30am

And it wasn’t even for a fun reason.

Reginald Spleen’s Curiosity Emporium has been insanely busy in December. This is a very good thing, but we were caught unawares and weren’t really as prepared as we could have been. Mr LLL particularly has been working round the clock like one of Santa’s elves preparing gifts and we’ve been wrapping and packing late into the night!

It’s exhausting, but super exciting.

2:30 am is far more fun when you’re drinking cocktails than when you’re wrapping parcels though.

Got New Christmas Bedding

It has Pugs on it. Naturally.

I found it on eBay if you need Christmas Pugs for your bed. You’re welcome.

Did Soap & Glory Day

Is it really tragic that every year I get really excited about Soap & Glory day?

Yep, it’s that day when the £60 Soap & Glory gift set goes on sale for half price and I run to Boots to buy one. It basically keeps me in body lotion and shower gel till about August every year, plus it comes with my favourite mascara and a few extra goodies.

This year it comes with a face mask which promises to boost the radiance of my face, which is something it could very much do with right now. There’s also a liquid eyeliner pen in this one. I feels like ages since I’ve bothered to wear liquid eyeliner so I’m looking forward to playing with that too!

The set is still available online, which is unusual, so you can click and collect or get it delivered before they sell out!

Cracked Out the Christmas Jumper

Oh yeah, the Christmas outfits have started. The big tree can’t go up till after last posting date as our “Dining Room” is currently “Postal Packing Room”, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress myself festive.

I’m considering doing another 12 days of Christmas Outfits series. What do you think?

And that was another trememdously exciting week in my life.

How was your week?