Well hey there! Are we feeling festive yet?

The season is well and truly underway. That means this is the perfect opportunity to cram as much sequin and glitter wearing into your day as possible.

So, today I have some ways to work glitter into your hair, your shoes, your work day, and even your workouts, with everything from glitter hairspray and mermaid hairbrushes to notebooks and workout leggings (note, I have the Nike sparkle shorts, they are awesome.)

Special mention to the rose gold glitter bow court shoes that are on sale, and to those glittery H&M trousers. I am genuinely right now wondering if my butt is up to glittery trousers for Christmas Day. Maybe teamed with glittery court shoes and some glitter hairspray. Because you can never have too much sparkle.

I believe that after 10 years of blogging I have worked out how to make the images in my collage clickable, so just clickety click on the picture to get a bit more glitter into your life, or scroll to the bottom for a more traditional list!

Image Map