I’ve been super busy already today. I’ve been for a run, the dogs have had a bath and now I’m about to do some cleaning while they dry off.

But first I thought I better check in and fill you in on my exciting week*

*excitement not guaranteed

Got some free paper cases

Because I like to manage your expectations I’ll start with one of the most exciting things that happened to me this week. Mr LLL went to the shop and bought me back a Reese’s “Big Cup” because he luffs me.

It had 6 paper cases on it. I don’t know why. I’m guessing some kind of dispensing error in the peanut butter cup factory. I found it hilarious enough to take a photo.

Didn’t get a free breakfast

See that breakfast. It wasn’t free.

Ed’s Easy Diner, that I have been to once but for some reason am subscribed to their newsletter, were giving away 50 “bottomless breakfasts” on Wednesday morning. “Bottomless” means when you’ve finished, you can order another the same. We decided to take our chances and head up there to see if we could get a free breakfast.

I kind of ruined the suspense by titling this little episode “Didn’t get a free breakfast”. But I can still tell you about the hilarious reaction of the other people who didn’t get a free breakfast. There was a short queue, but we decided to join it having walked all the way there. There was a couple in front of us, and a group of 4 girls in front of them.

When the girls got to the front of the queue we could hear the hostess telling them that there were only 3 spots left, so one of them would have to pay. We looked at each other, rolled our eyes and decided we would stay and just pay for breakfast, seeing as we’d left the house and everything.

The couple in front of us were, er, less philosophical about the whole thing. They got to the front of the queue and were told there were no spots left. “You’re kidding!” the chap proclaimed, “Oh, for F**KS sake”, then departed with much waving of arms and stomping like a toddler that wasn’t allowed any sweets.

I guess some people just *really* don’t want to pay for their breakfast.

Discovered I had too many glasses

I say discovered, to be honest, I knew this already. It was just brought home to me when I had to clear out the vintage 50s glass cabinet in which I keep them all.

It needed to be moved to fix a plug socket to the wall, which meant taking everything out. I knew I had 26 Babycham glasses, I didn’t know that 14 of them were all 50s ones with the white deer, but I only have 1 of the 60s ones with the tan deer (you know I want more of those now, right?). I collect Babycham stuff, so this is ABSOLUTELY FINE, and no one can say any different.

What I didn’t know was that I own 15 vintage glass sundae dishes and that I’ve never used a single one of them, ever. Why do I own them? Why did I keep buying them? We’ll probably never know.

Spent the evening with ham in my hair

On Saturday night we went “out out”. Nowhere that exciting, we just felt the need for a change of scenery, so we walked to our nearest Wetherspoons for a cheap dinner and a bottle of wine.

I had ham and eggs and then stacked the plates and moved them out of the way. I assume I got a small speck of ham on my finger as I moved them. Then I must have tucked my hair behind my ear or something.

The photo above was taken while I was demonstrating the concept of the MySpace angle to Mr LLL who did not know what that was.

Later on, while we were walking home, he spotted a small piece of ham in my hair. Then he laughed so hard, and for so long, that I thought he was going to stop breathing and have to be revived in the street.

This means that when I took the photo above I had ham in my hair, and that it then stayed there for at least an hour.

I am so classy.

So classy.

Found out I didn’t have cervical cancer

This week was cervical cancer prevention week, and on Monday I posted the above selfie on Instagram as part of a campaign to encourage more women to book in for their cervical screening. We are currently at a 20 year low, with over 1.2 million women skipping theirs last year.

By absolute coincidence, I had mine booked in for Monday, and I am ashamed to say that I am one of the women who skipped mine last year as I found out it was much more overdue than I thought.

My NHS trust is super efficient, and yesterday afternoon I got home to a letter telling me I had the all clear.

They’re not exactly fun, but neither do they take long, and they prevent over 75% of cervical cancers, so if yours is due, please book it now. It’s a cancer that primarily affects younger women in their 30s and early 40s, so just get it over and done with!

And that’s all the excitement over and done with!

How was your week?