Well, I’m quite pleased this week is finally over. My personal stresses don’t even register on the global stress-o-meter, but I could still have done without them.

Todays plan, once again, involves blankets and probably Harry Potter. I’m getting quite into my lazy Sundays. I’m also making roast pork belly for dinner. Which will no doubt end in me being very irritated. as it invariably does if I try and cook anything more interesting than chilli.

So, lets get on with it. This week I…..

Got infuriated by a TV Show

It was Sherlock, ok. I mean, what kind of blithering load of old nonsense was that. Really? It would have made more sense if Dr Watson had woken up at the end and it was all a dream and Sherlock really did die 2 season ago.


Learned about my family history

Well, sort of! The lovely Helen Barrell, who wrote the Poison Panic book that I reviewed, has been doing a bit of family tree research for me.

It’s fascinating to find out what your family was up to. It seems I have quite a few publicans in my family history, which as my Mum & Dad are currently in the same business is very interesting! I also have this chap with astonishing sideburns who emigrated to Australia.

Got FREAKED OUT by people

They were standing on my road. So obviously that freaked me out.

I live on a pretty quiet residential side street. There are no bus stops. There is no reason for anyone to do anything other than walk along it on their way to somewhere else. I came home at lunch time to find SIX people just standing around as if they were waiting for something. There was a couple with a push chair, and 2 young women on one side of the road, standing a distance apart that indicated that they didn’t know each other, and on the other side of the road a man and a woman in anoraks stood between 2 parked cars.

What were they waiting for? Why are they on my road? I spent 25 minutes constantly peeking around the curtains. THEY’RE STILL THERE! Then at 12:30 I peeked out and all 6 of them were filing into a house down the road with a To Let sign outside, all holding little pieces of paper. Like a true detective I have therefore surmised that they were going to look around a property. I don’t know when they started taking groups of 6 round to look at houses, but I am very glad I looked out of the window when I did. If I’d looked out a minute later and they’d all just gone I would likely still be freaking out now and inventing wild conspiracies in which they’d all been spirited away by aliens. Or ghosts.

Hated technology

This week I hate all technology. I would go and live in a cave somewhere but I’ve just realised I’m quite fond of SOME technology, like mains water and central heating.

The big stress this week was that my website went down. For a whole 24 hours. Apparently something mysterious was causing a high load on the server. I don’t know what and I don’t really understand the instructions on how to find out. This means next week is going to involve some more high technology stress as I attempt to wrap my head around managing a server from the command line *shudder*. When my host finally bought it back up they issued stern warnings that they’d just shut me down if I kept putting a high load on the server. I felt a bit like a naughty child being told off, which to be honest irritated me, it’s not like I did it on purpose.

I obviously lost 24 hours worth of income by my site being down. So when it came back up Facebook decided it was time to join in the irritating technology club and only show my latest post to 200 people out of the 10,000+ that like my Facebook page. (If you missed it, it’s here!)

Other technology that has annoyed me this week: Video camera (why is your memory card full when I thought I cleared it off?), My phone (why is the battery dead when I haven’t even used it?), the light in my kitchen (flickering) and my laptop (running absurdly slow for no reason at all).

Had a Picnic in the Cold

Our winter picnic is kind of a tradition. We normally have it before Christmas, but this year we waited as Mr Chick had applied for an allotment and we thought it might be nice to have it there.

So, on Friday afternoon we took a flask of chilli and a flask of mulled wine round to the shiny new allotment. I sat on a chair, tried not to worry about my website being down, and drank mulled wine while Mr Chick burned things. It was lovely.

Ate a Creme Egg

Every year there is a routine. On New Years Day I express mild exasperation at the early presence of Creme Eggs in the shops. By the end of January I have invariably eaten at least one.

Last night I had my first Creme Egg of the year. Mr Chick bought it back from the corner shop and hid it till the perfect moment just when I was thinking “hey, I wish I had some chocolate”.

And on that earth shattering Creme Egg related news, my week ends.

How was your week?