Last month I somewhat mysteriously hinted that my monthly “Things I Tried…” roundups might be changing format.

TBH I feel like I might have oversold it slightly because here we are, in March, and basically what I’ve done is renamed it February Favourites. My incredibly deep thought process behind this is that sometimes the “Things I’ve Tried” format means I can’t talk about, say, an awesome book, or a film, because do you really “try” them?

So, yeah, I’m going with favourites. I’m sure this is a groundbreaking change to my content. Just go with it ok.

Basically, there will be some things I tried, things I’ve liked for ages and either haven’t mentioned before or have just remembered how great they are, and some recommendations for stuff to read/watch/buy.

I hope it’s useful!


Hot Mars Bar Vodka

Hot Mars Bar Vodka is a drink I first made as a teenager. It became a snow day favourite when I was a student and we got snowed in and couldn’t make it into college, and ever since I bring it out every time it snows. I first shared the recipe back in 2012 during a snowy interval.

It’s not a health food, lets be clear. It basically allows you to eat 1.5 Mars Bars in about 15 seconds. To make 2 servings you mush up 3 Mars Bars with about 100 ml milk (or 3 splashes, 1 splash per Mars Bar is how I work it out!). Melt it all together and mix it with a double shot of vodka per person.

You should probably try it even though the snow is gone.

Baxters Soup

Baxters sent me some soup. I forgot what an amazing, warming, delicious lunch soup is. Also the ones they sent me were also packed with protein and veggies. I bought posh bread from the corner shop and it was awesome.

I also put rocket on this one specifically because it made it look nicer in the picture, but then I felt a bit guilty about it because my lunch doesn’t normally look this pretty.

When I’m looking for easy lunches for some reason I always forget soup. But I have been resold on it, and it’s perfect to have to hand for days when I’ve forgotten to prep as well.

Cheese Posties

This is a fricking genius idea. I love it. Basically they send you a toastie in the post. You get 2 slices of bread, a toastie bag and the fillings.

I got this on a trial offer for £1 and got sent a chocolate and mascarpone flavour. Drool. Then I “forgot” to cancel after the trial and my next flavour was regular cheese with wasabi and teriyaki sauce.

They arrive on Thursdays, so made a perfect post Roller Derby snack, and I love the exciting flavours.

They’re about £5 per toastie, which is a bit pricey for a toastie, but they’re great fun. I have had to cancel my subscription as my budget doesn’t really allow for me to be spending money on toasties right now, especially after last weeks epic hotels in the snow marathon. But I do recommend the service if you do have extra toastie budget!

Ooomf Protein Oats

I first found these ages ago, but found them again this month as I was looking for a breakfast I could take away with me to eat in a hotel on the morning of our first roller derby game this season which was in Sheffield.

They’re high protein, and also contain enough carbs to fuel me through a game, as well as being super portable. Just add water!

You can get them in Tesco and Sainsburys.


Black Panther

Ok, so I can’t be the only person to tell you this is good? Cash in your Tesco points and go see it. Or pay with real cash if you’re that kind of person!

Queer Eye

Remember Queer Eye for the Straight Guy all the way back in the early noughties? Netflix have abandoned the Straight Guy bit of the title and remade it.

I’ve watched 4 episodes so far and 3 of them have made me cry.

Ultimate Beastmaster

Ok, a bit “other end of the spectrum” than Queer Eye, but also on Netflix I am loving Ultimate Beastmaster.

It’s like Ninja Warrior, except better, and Terry Crews does the commentary in the first series.

It features teams from different countries attempting to beat the “Beast” which is not a snow storm, but an obstacle course. It’s really hard and there’s none of this health and safety padding nonsense like you get on Ninja Warrior, nope, these obstacles are made of steel and rope and make people bleed. Family fun 😀


Dr Martens

Because without my beloved purple Dr Martens I would pretty much have been unable to leave the house last week. Trainers just weren’t cutting it in the snow.

Joanie Clothing Cord A-Line Skirt

I don’t actually own this. Yet.

Last year Joanie Clothing sent me their denim A-line mini and much to my surprise, after years avoiding short skirts, I have pretty much lived in it since.

They also have the same A-line style in cord in red, pumpkin spice and navy.  I’ve been dreaming about them. I should probably spend all that money I’ve saved on toasties on a skirt, right?

Other Stuff

Shaw Academy

A few years back I did a basic nutrition course with Shaw Academy. I really enjoyed it, but didn’t pursue it any further.

Then I spotted that they were offering a free short course in Sports Nutrition, which is something I’ve been looking into. I looked into actual university degrees, but unfortunately I just can’t afford the fees, and having already done a degree I’m not eligible for a lot in the way of help.

I’ve since signed up for the membership and will be completing the full diploma in Sports Nutrition. The courses are equivalent to EQF Level 5 . I’m only 5 weeks in, but so far the information has been well presented, research based, and relevant and I’m very impressed.

They also do courses in design, marketing and other topics, so it’s a great way to get more information on topics that you are interested in either professionally or personally.

And that was my first ever February Favourites. You’ll have to wait a whole other year for alliteration that good I’m afraid. But I do plan to bring back the favourites format in future!