One of the things I’ve worked on really hard over the last few years is thinking about my mindset.

You might have seen my post recently about how mindfulness helped me deal with anxiety. I’ve become fascinated with how much power our minds have over our bodies, and how much impact our mindset can really have on what we can achieve.

I’m pretty sure we all know what it’s like on days when we’re feeling a bit unsure of ourselves and we find that things are less likely to go as planned.

Recently I’ve started watching some really fascinating TED Talks on the subject on mindset. After years of being too impatient for video, these have finally won me over.

So today I thought I’d share some great TED Talks that are worth a watch if you want to feel inspired by the power of your own brain!

Marisa Peer – Reach Beyond Your Limits by Training Your Mind.

My favourite bit about this video is the bit with the arm. It’s at 9:55 if you’re too impatient to watch the whole thing!

Dr Alia Crum – Change Your Mindset Change the Game

My main takeaway. You can lose weight just by believing you can. Not sure that’s what I was supposed to learn.

This one contains some fascinating research into the power of suggestion and how what you believe to be true affects your physical self.

Kenn Dickenson – Secrets of Elite Athletes

This one has some great stuff on visualisation. A technique I suck at, but am working on!

Eduardo Briceno – The Power of belief — mindset and success

This video talks about growth and fixed mindsets. I find this concept fascinating because for years I thought of myself as “not sporty” and I also had a tendency to give up on things because I couldn’t do them immediately, believing I wasn’t any good at them.

Roller Derby changed that for me, watch to the end for some tips on changing your own mindset.

Dr Sean Richardson – Mental Toughness: Think Differently about your World

This one is about the fear of failure. Something I’ve worked on a lot. It goes along with the growth mindset and thinking of failure as a learning process.

Again, this one finishes with some key things to think about for your own mindset.

Carol Dweck – The power of believing that you can improve

Top tip, definitely one that one of my first Derby coaches taught me. The power of the word “yet”.

This one has a few studies in it that are in some of the previous videos, but it’s still worth watching!

There are a load more TED talks I’ve been watching, but hopefully these will keep you busy for a while!

Do let me know if you’d like to see more!