Happy Sunday folks!

How are you today?

If you remember back as far as last week I was sat in a cottage in Wirral writing a post on my phone, that weirdly came out with no formatting. I was feeling a bit nervous in advance of our second British Champs roller derby game.

This week I am writing from my new sofa, with my sprained ankle up on a pillow, so evidently a lot has happened in the last week!

The rest of today involves D&D and possibly rum. But first, this week I…..

Won a Game

Or rather WE won a game.

We beat Sheffield Steel All Stars by a not too shabby 101 points.

I also managed to sprain my OTHER, previously good ankle, after taking a clockwise hit from someone in the very last jam of the game.


While I was doing this, Mr LLL was running the half marathon. What a sporty Sunday!

Had an Awesome Day Off

Monday was considerably less sporty as we treated ourselves to a day off.

We went out to enjoy the sunshine around 3pm and took the Pugs into the city for a pint at the pub friendly Brew Dog. Then we visited a couple more pub beer gardens, before tottering home for tea.

It was an awesome, and slightly tipsy, day.

Got a New Sofa


On Tuesday the new sofa was delivered and was just as brilliant as I hoped! It makes the room look so much bigger, and we have so much more lounging space.

It also received the Pug seal of approval.

Got a New Vacuum Cleaner

Also on Tuesday we took delivery of a birthday present from my Mum & Dad. A shiny new shark cordless vacuum.

What with the new sofa and the new hoover, I almost felt like an actual grown up on Tuesday.

It was very exciting.

Over did it

On Wednesday I went to the gym. On 2 sprained ankles. The left one was sprained a few years ago and has been dodgy since. I skate in an ankle brace, but I forgot it a couple of weeks ago and then re-sprained it while skating without it. The right one is a shiny fresh sprain from Sunday.

Neither felt *too* bad, though the left was twinging a little, so I thought I’d be “sensible” and just not do any hops or plyometric moves. So I did squats and some one-legged Romanian deadlifts.

Then I woke up on Thursday morning and couldn’t put any weight on my left ankle without a hideous sick shooting pain. Once I’d talked myself out of the idea that I had spontaneously broken my ankle overnight I realised that maybe I should rest my injury a little.

So the last few days have been all about RICE. You’ll be glad to know it’s feeling a lot better, and I’m hoping to get back to training next week!

Had a Haircut

And a long overdue haircut it was! My hairdresser went on holiday to India, and I forgot, which meant when I tried to book an appointment there were none and my haircut ended up being about 2 weeks over the already 2 weeks overdue point I already leave it till and I was starting to look like a shaggy dog.

Now I am freshly trimmed and ready to leave it far too long again before I remember to book my next one!

Went out with my cardigan on inside out

This one was a headline grabber.

I grabbed a cardigan to take the dogs out, and accidentally put it on inside out. Then Mr LLL took a photo “So I could put it in my This Week I…”

I didn’t even bother to change it because I was only walking the dogs, then as we got home I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. One of the first things she said to me was “Do, you know your cardigan is on inside out?”. Isn’t that always the way?

Bought wine just because of the label

How could I not buy this wine?

The wine itself was ok, but the label was the best bit.

I hope they still have this at Halloween because I will drink nothing else.

Had my heart examined

And finally, I spent a lovely sunny day in a hospital having an ultrasound taken of my heart after my Bupa health assessment picked up a heart murmur.

To be honest it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. The cardiologist was lovely, but the nurse or HCA who took me in seemed to have had all of her people skills removed and at one point left me standing in the middle of the room with my boobs out because she hadn’t given me a gown and was too busy faffing around with the equipment. I’m not normally bothered by medical procedures and I’m not really embarrassed by medical professionals seeing my nipples, but a little dignity would have been nice and I felt a bit worried about how someone less comfortable in these situations would have felt.

But anyway, I digress. The cardiologist said she couldn’t see any problem, and it was probably what they call a flow murmur, but that I should go back to my Doctor in a week or two to go over the results. So that’s a relief, I am probably not going to have to have heart surgery. Not that anyone ever told me that was on the cards, but, y’know, it had occurred to me. Obviously.

And that was another exciting week in my life!

How was your week?