Well, hey there. Happy Sunday!

You may have noticed last week there was no “This Week I…” or maybe you didn’t. Either way, the reason was that I was away camping and I had a brief go at writing on my phone, but the connection was rubbish and by the time I got home on Tuesday we were really pushing the timing for a “This Week I….” so I thought I’d save up all the exciting shaped clouds I’d seen for another week and do a whole fortnight in one go.

So, before I commence with my busy afternoon binge-watching Outlander lets have a quick catch up!

This Fortnight I…..

Had Breakfast at The Ivy

Because I’m super fancy.

It wasn’t THE Ivy, as in the famous London Celeb lunch spot. It was the Ivy Brasserie in Norwich who invited me, and a few other bloggers, along for breakfast on its opening day.

The Ivy Brasserie have locations across the country, offering casual dining in their beautifully designed, totally Instagrammable spaces.

The Ivy Norwich is in a space that used to be a Gap store, but is now unrecognisable. Beautifully decorated with artwork by local artists. It has an Art Deco feel, but without feeling like a museum and I absolutely loved it.

Decor goals aside, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from the food. I thought it might be style over substance, but I was wrong, and my eggs benedict (Which I ordered because I order it a lot so had a good frame of reference for quality!) was perfectly cooked and delicious.

We also enjoyed some delicious pastries and a nice healthy smoothie.

I look forward to treating myself to dinner and a cocktail there one day soon.

Saw an Amusingly Shaped Cloud

It definitely does.

Spent a Rainy Weekend in the Woods

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend we headed down to our little patch of woodland for a weekend camping with the Pugs and a couple of friends.

Predictably, after weeks of gorgeous sunshine, it rained constantly all day Sunday. Mr LLL and our friends went into Hastings for the day. While I stayed tucked up in camp with the Pugs and had a perfect afternoon napping and listening to the rain.

I think I made the right choice.

Ruined my Colander AND my Frying Pan

The trials of having a small kitchen.

I couldn’t find a spot to put the colander I’d been using, so I put it inside a frying pan I’d been using earlier. Forgetting that it was still hot.

So now I need a new colander, and a new frying pan.

You may notice that my fortnight has got a lot less exciting since it started with breakfast at the Ivy.

Had a Fancy Beer

And so, we end this exciting instalment of my life, with a trip to the local pub where they had some very fancy beers on. Except they were over £6 a pint, so we opted to treat ourselves to a half pint of a couple.

This is a Salted Caramel Stout and a fancy Swedish IPA. Both very nice.

And thus ends the dramatic tale of the rude shaped cloud.

Normal service will be resumed as we head into September!

How was your fortnight?